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Photo courtesy of My Million Dollar Mom

Pete Postiglione, portraying Ross Schriftman and Susan Moses portraying Shirley Schrftman, in My Million Dollar Mom, a film that addresses the issue of a mother’s growing dementia condition and the son who must make a difficult decision between career and family.

"My Million Dollar Mom," a film shot in the Philadelphia area and based on Ross Schriftman’s book by the same name, was recently accepted to screen at the New York Shorts International Film Festival (, which ran from May 31 to June 6. It is also showing at the New Hope Film Festival, which runs from July 19-28.

The film, directed by Kevin Hackenberg, stars veteran film and television actors Pete Postiglione and Susan Moses and was inspired by real events in Schriftman’s life. Moses portrays an aging mom diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Postiglione portrays her son Ross, who steps forward to care for her. At the same time, he is offered a last-chance opportunity to run for Congress. He must decide between his lifelong dream and his mom’s wishes to remain in her home under his care. For information about the film, visit

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