The time to act on the climate crisis is not in 20 or 30 years, it is now. The science is clear that as carbon dioxide levels increase in our atmosphere and oceans as a result of burning buried fossil fuels we are gambling with the stability of the only world we have. The planet is warming, weather is becoming unpredictable and we only seeing the tip of the iceberg of how bad this can get.

We live in a country where political influence can be bought through virtually unlimited campaign contributions from corporations so it’s no shock that the fossil fuel companies have used and benefited from this system. This is exactly why progress on this issue has been slow and why we have had a failure to mobilize and act from our elected officials. As a resident of Pennsylvania, I would like to thank Representative Madeleine Dean for supporting the 100% Clean Economy Act which would move us to 100% clean renewable energy by 2050. It is reassuring to us constituents who are concerned about climate change and other environmental issues that we have elected officials like Representative Dean that feel our sense of urgency on this matter.

The world is changing, we are seeing the effects of climate change right here in Pennsylvania with hotter summers, severe down pours and storms, disease carrying insects like mosquitos and ticks are here earlier in the year and live longer in the fall as evidenced in the increase in Lyme.

Matthew Douglas


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