Once clanking railroads chugged along what is now The Pennypack Trail or Rails to Trails. The Pennypack Creek are slow-moving waters inhabited hundreds of years ago by several native-American tribes.

You can pick up the trail at many points along the 5.4 miles.

My boyfriend and I just walked a mile and a half on this well-cared for gravel path.

We met cyclists, fast walkers, and babies in baby carriages. Folks are very friendly and say "hello."

It was unusually quiet as if the birds knew it was time for their annual migration. Wasps and bees, off to the side, were pollinating various plants, to ensure their growth next year.

A new sign appeared marking a head-on train collision in Bryn Athyn known at "Death Gulch." In 1921, there were 27 deaths.

Babbling brooks made soothing sounds and huge leaves arced over the trail.

The greenery was spectacular and must be seen now unless you appreciate Father Winter.

And save a few acorns for your grandchildren.

- Ruth Z. Deming

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