Citizen of the Week: Glenn Griffin

Glenn Griffin serves as a board member of the Fort Washington Business Alliance. Submitted photo

Glenn Griffin is the modern day Superman.

He may not be leaping tall buildings in a single bound, but he may just be the one selling tall buildings through his real estate company. He may not be faster than a speeding bullet, but he can sure make time to volunteer at church, chair a number of committees and still have time to play in a band.

He said he does all of this and more out of a love for his community and just wants to give back. The real question is how does he find the time?

Griffin is a member of the Fort Washington Business Alliance, a group of businesses located in the Fort Washington Office Park or that do business in the general area. The FWBA includes a wide variety of local companies, and Griffin was recently named to the board of directors. The owner of Griffin Consulting Services Inc., a commercial real estate firm founded in 2003, Griffin has also worked for 30 years as a real estate broker and a licensed real estate appraiser in Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. He has experience involving office buildings, retail properties and shopping centers, apartments, hotels/motels, industrial and special-use properties. Consulting services include annual valuation reviews, family limited partnerships, trusts and estates and litigation support.

Griffin said the last three years have been particularly hard as business has been challenging due to the economy but he said he’s been kept afloat by good clients and things are starting to look a little better.

When he’s not working a job that consumes the majority of his time, Griffin is working in the community.

A Dresher resident for 22 years, Griffin and his family are active members of the community.

His wife, Robin, does internal communications for the Upper Dublin School District, and she is so well-known within the community he is often jokingly referred to as Mr. Robin Griffin.

His two sons, Sean and Devin, are both graduates of Upper Dublin High School. Sean, 27, became a captain in the United States Air Force and is in pilot training in Mississippi, while Devin, 24, graduated from Temple University and is now the assistant vice president of TD Bank’s Mid Cap market.

Griffin has taken on a number of community service projects including tackling the $1 million renovation of Christ Lutheran Church in Oreland, which took three years to complete. Griffin was the former president of the council that oversaw the project and has since become the finance chair.

He also is a Sunday school mentor at the church.

“It’s a big part of our family,” he said.

Griffin has also stayed active for the past four years as a member of the Upper Dublin Historic Commission and is a former board member of the appraisal institute.

While active in the community, church and in business, Griffin is an avid musician.

A long bass and guitar player, Griffin now currently plays in the five-piece jazz band Jean Therapy (the lead singer’s first name is Jean and each band member considers playing music therapeutic). The band has only been playing together for months but each is an accomplished musician. Griffin said it’s been a longtime hobby of his ever since his days at Allentown College (now known as DeSales University).

He said after college he took 25 years off from playing to become a business person, get married and raise a family. It was his wife that gave him the green light to get back into it 15 years ago because “she knew how much I loved playing.”

When he’s not working, volunteering or playing music, there is one place where Griffin is sure to be found — his 2002 V5 Corvette.

A gearhead all of his life, Griffin said buying that car was a “lifelong dream.”

“My wife told me if you wait any longer [to buy it] you won’t be able to get into it,” he said. “So you better buy it now.”

The car is everything he could have wished too.

“That’s my baby now that my kids are grown,” he joked.

He said he’s loved cars all of his life and even competed in car model building competitions. He learned so much about cars growing up, he said he could name every make and model of every car on the road, and even proved his dad wrong a few times after naming the wrong car.

At 14, Griffin said a family friend took him for a ride in his Corvette and a lifelong love and passion for the Corvette began.

The modern day Superman said he works a job that runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and in between he’s a husband, father and volunteer.

“What little time I have left I play my bass and drive my car.”

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