Rain gardens are an important feature that homeowners can use to help manage stormwater in the Wissahickon Watershed. Our creeks are seriously impacted by land use and development.

Impervious surfaces such as roofs, driveways, parking lots, roads and sidewalks prevent stormwater from infiltrating where it falls. During a storm, rain washes off these surfaces carrying with it pollutants and dirt to storm drains that empty directly into our creeks.

All this additional runoff creates a surge in water flow which both scours and erodes the stream banks, makes the water muddy, and results in flooding downstream. Fortunately, there are things the any property owner can do.

Installing a rain garden decreases the quantity of water that enters our storm drains, and improves the quality of our water by allowing for filtration. Slowing the release of water helps to alleviate flash flooding, allows for filtration which removes pollutants and prevents sedimentation from entering our creeks.

On Sunday, July 21, from 10 a.m. to noon, the Ambler EAC will have a Rain Garden tour, meeting at

Ambler Borough Hall, 131 Rosemary Ave. Residents can learn about what stormwater is, why they should care, and what they can do about it. Rain Gardens serve several purposes, besides functionality, they also provide habitat for local wildlife, become an attractive feature in the yard, and increase property values. Join us on this tour and learn how Ambler Resident’s can take advantage of a Growing Greener grant and have a rain garden installed by Red Tail Restoratio and Land Management for $300.

Register via the Ambler EAC Website at www.amblereac.org or visit our events at Ambler EAC Facebook.


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