1115 Cumberland Rd., Brian and Erica Sweigard to Thomas and Kayte Toczylowski, $308,750.

1271 Fleetwood Rd., Michael and Robyn O’Donnell to Christopher and Jennifer Meissner, $429,900.

161 Serrill Rd., Eileen Koolpe to Benjamin and Shiri Jerner, $428,500.

2709 Heather Lane, David White to William Davis, $191,000.

1419 Rydal Rd., Steven and Ricki Fisher to David and Julie Koller, $650,000.


28-30 E Glenside Ave., Michael McCormick to TCKT LLC, $210,000.

135 Harrison Ave., Ford and Krista Gwilliam to Michael Deegan and Morgan Heryla, $209,500.

7855 Mill Rd., Fannie Mae to Cofase Development LLC, $80,001.

319 Bent Rd., Christopher and Laura Hyder to Gabriel and Ann Bucurescu, $520,000.


2706 Noble Way, Mark and Melissa Knechel to Jeffrey Detwiler, $220,000.

108 Oak Creek Drive, Sukonik Oak Creek LP to Melissa and Joseph Lewis, $415,270.

407 Horseshoe Drive, Condo 407, David and Brittney Eisenhauer to Kyle Allhiser, $142,000.


131 Little Lane, Robert and Karen Drury to Thomas Bennett et al, $1,259,975.

405 Maplewood Ave., Christopher and Kerry Johnston to Hsing-Yuan Chen and Yi-Fan Chou, $450,000.

275 Bowman Ave., Matthew Adler and Julia Rudolph to Alexander and Romy-Jo Kleinman, $680,000.

1001 City Ave., E-719, Basem Al-Ghoneimy and Naghma Khan to Peter Brigham, $150,000.

422 Holly Lane, Margaretta Walker est. to Jerome Loux, $103,159.

100 Overhill Rd., Arline Cohn to Michele and Jordane Rosen, $560,000.

101 Overbrook Pkwy, Dana Axelrod and Joseph Kaufman to John Bishop and Jennifer Maranki, $382,000.

526 N Wynnewood Ave., Sheryl Bowen to Sarah and Michael Bloch, $505,000.

720 Bryn Mawr Ave., Lawrence Tabas and Libby White to Gilles Duranton and Angela Pachon, $1,030,000.

11 Llanberris Rd., Michael and Rochelle Davis to Justin and Isabelle Miller, $590,000.

514 Lancaster Ave., V-4, Red Leaf Villas LLC to Faith Krasno, $800,000.

721 Waverly Rd., Theresa Depetris to Suk and Hyunjung Shim, $555,000.

1600 Briar Hill Rd., Tatiana and Tamara Fedec to Sarah and Timothy Sanders, $521,000.


3007 Greenes Way Circle, Colette Bull to Karen Clee, $289,000.

708 Sunnyside Ave., Stephen and Evelyn Lopuszanski to Sarah and John Reilly, $330,000.

3019 Still Meadow Drive, John and Mary Tilger to Timothy and Laura Belmont, $470,000.


116 Clover Leaf Lane, Edith and Ernest Koschineg to Justin and Kelly Gallagher, $450,000.

105 Drayton Circle, Christopher and Patricia Heckler to Jeremy Heilman, $251,000.

213 Mallard Dr East, Robert and Constance Johnson to Ronald and Vanessa Thomas, $442,000.

100 Arbour Green Circle, Craig Johnston to Brandon and Tiffany Anapol, $536,737.

3400 Carriage Ct South, US Sec of Housing and Urban Devel to Chad Sosik, $216,000.

113 Shady Lane, Philip and Phyllis Bowen to Bank of America NA, $241,000.


2206 Smithfield Court, Jerome and Katrina Besnard to Jeffrey and Jennifer Boyd, $573,000.

765 Village Ave., Marion and Christopher Kendall to Richard and Patricia Berg, $355,000.

2021 Cressman Rd., Midway Assoc et al to Fetterolf Corp, $1,500,000.

472 Evansburg Rd., Marino Holdings LLC to MJP Properties LP, $85,000.


1218 Welsh Rd., Barry Pendell to George and Ann Palmer, $241,000.

1568 Morgan Way, Richard and Carol Woodcock to Kevin and John Freaney, $219,600.

406 Candlewood Way, Diane Connell to Anthony and Rachel Hawthorne, $339,900.

1007 Springside Way, Thomas and Susan Beebe to Robert and Maureen Olden, $369,900.

613 Piedmont Court, Roger Rathbun to Steven and Kamila Moyer, $170,000.

1654 Bishop Wood Blvd., Song and Yeon Lee to James and Daniela Walsh, $325,000.

504 Bunker Hill Rd., Bldg 12 Condo 181, Mark and Adrienne Farnham to Kevin Schmitt, $169,900.


126 Fairway Drive, Joshua and Allison Curry to Patricia Fernandes, $244,900.


1618 Dublin Rd., Ming Jin and Tina Xu to Raghava Potula and Kimberly Mommsen, $405,000.

1264 Tressler Drive, Zhi Wu and Hao Wang to Hanyan Chu and Xi-Yong Fu, $670,000.

1908 Nicole Drive, Nicholas and Anna Cuce to Chao Li and Hanbing Xu, $461,800.

1829 Willow Ave., Michael and Joanne Dooner to Christopher and Stacy Jaeger, $323,000.

925 Bell Lane, John and Margaret McGann to Paul and Shannon Micklos, $404,000.

218 Logan Ave., Mathew and Mary Frank to Thomas and Christina Pease, $198,700.

1010 Hawthorne Lane, Joseph and Margaret Maloney to Kari and Vincent Ridley, $425,000.

1824 Fort Washington Ave., Charles and Linda Diefenderfer to Jared and Joanna Bryant, $385,000.

1222 Nash Drive, Barbara Ostrander to William and Allison Renye, $510,000.

1856 Terrace Drive, Myron and Marlene Kaplan to Calla Knopman, $380,000.

1705 Devonshire Rd., Cecile Greenberg to Craig and Lauren Schulz, $551,500.

1514 Norristown Rd., NHS Pa to Human Services Housing Co Inc, $353,809.

325 Susquehanna Rd., Margaret Tatum est. to Charles Brumbaugh, $170,000.

1620 Shepard Drive, Janet and Francis King to Gary and Diane Reilly, $431,000.

1649 Whitehouse Rd., Berger Trust to William and Amanda Murphy, $425,000.

1036 Denston Drive, Jan and Alison Sandler to Daniel and Amy Rosenberg, $549,000.

512 Argyle Ave., Steven and Amy Marston to Elaine Johnson, $211,000.

1366 Cinnamon Drive, Steven and Nancy Bernstein to Joseph and Jaime Guglielmi, $510,000.


1360 Gwynedale Way, John and Rhonda Currie to Reginald Holmes and Takiya Boyd, $320,000.

6107 Lilac Court, Higgins Trust to Stephan and Marjorie Lubinski, $319,000.

123 White Oak Rd., Christine Hunton et al to Daniel and Allison Hyson, $304,500.

142 Stony Creek Ave., Jacqueline Gilkey to Christopher and Stephanie Lee, $155,000.

808 Pulaski Drive, George and Rita Wicks to Brian and Dana Fulmer, $372,000.

1360 Gwynedale Way, John and Rhonda Currie to Reginald Holmes and Takiya Boyd, $320,000.


156 Gypsy Lane, Robin Greene to David Caracappa, $270,000.

1157 Lafayette Rd., Marcia Comstock to Michael and Kelly Gompers, $837,500.

209 Hawthorn Rd., Joseph and Lisa Gill to Ying Chen and Ming Zhang, $270,000.

699 Pershing St., Qac Inc to Juli Ralston, $193,000.

475 Fletcher Rd., Robert Feehery to Mark Herm, $1,000,000.

282 Diana Court, R. Mark and Amy Steinman to Morefield LP, $512,500.

695 Brookwood Rd., Jean Osbahr and John Burkhardt to John and Kristin Burkhardt, $334,700.

230 Cedar Place, Constance Sondhi to Patrick and Lauren O’Leary, $507,000.

934 Longview Rd., Terrence McDuffy to Christina Jensen, $343,000.

416 Glenn Rose Circle, Hilary Van Valkenburgh to William and Denise Richards, $350,000.

283 Sweetbriar Circle, Michael and Pamela Moran to Adam Moore, $360,000.

250 Thomas Drive, Steven and Carol Newman to Marcus and Danielle Anderson, $344,900.


2801 Fair Oaks Ave., Catherine DiCamillo est. to David O’Connor, $184,700.

3435 Whitehall Drive, Fannie Mae to Mathew Gilmore and Mary Gleason, $192,000.

524 Grant Ave., Timothy and Sara Hughes to Katie Gehr and Scott Pappentick, $219,900.

205 Quigley Ave.., Douglas and Vanessa Michel to Vanessa and Michael Elia, $255,000.

214 Ellis Rd., Katie Malone to Matthew Heiland, $175,000.

2503 Broadway Ave., Mildred McGowan to Bryant Upton and Justine Carlson, $210,000.

604 Topsfield Rd., Lanny Boone to CJD Group LLC, $60,000.

525 Overlook Ave., Robert Vollum to Michael and Dawn Manila, $370,000.

516 Inman Terrace, Stanley Nkanatha and Doris Muthee to Michael and Michele Duncan, $248,000.

2607 Easton Rd., Lukoil North America LLC to Phila Suburban Development Corp, $445,000.


52 Hunt Club Drive, Andrew and Ruth Kevitch to Brucie and Edward Baumstein, $275,000.

622 Egypt Rd., Virginia Snyder to Lance Abla, $190,000.

14 Ashbridge Court, Kevin Ulm to Ruth and Andrew Kevitch, $534,750.

222 Linfield Trappe Rd., Howard and Robin Foose to Chad and Kristen Ganovsky, $270,000.

622 Regency Hills Drive, Toll PA VIII LP to Arline Cohn and Domenic Franchi, $449,995.

4 Little Knoll Circle, John and Kim Garay to Edward and Anne Stefanik, $494,000.

110 Bennington Rd., Toll PA IV LP to Vincent and Elizabeth Catalano, $651,099.

370 Lovers Lane, Mary and John Hallman to Nicole Breuch, $154,000.

22 N Township Line Rd., Marjorie Taylor to Lois Pollock, $100,000.

31 Hunt Club Drive, Timothy and Lauren Ribelin to Erin McNulty, $285,000.

80 Mallard Court, Christopher Gomez and Melissa Michels to David Grindle, $340,000.

405 Port Providence Rd., David and Bridget Sykes to Laura Hobbins, $197,000.

73 Greenbriar Drive, Stephen and Linda Nogar to Aylin Sagay, $406,000.

151 Roboda Blvd, Wells Fargo Bank NA et al to Linda Bailey, $150,000.

667 S Fifth Ave., Randy and Monica Schell to Christina Manton, $137,500.

203 Jordan Circle, Rona Dugan to Rodney Welch and Christopher Doyle, $545,000.

Gay St., ABH Builders Inc to Chris and Laura Thompson, $275,000.

561 Old State Rd., Norman and John Hunsberger to Wayne Laverty and Jane Mayoros, $198,500.

10 Hunt Club Drive, Jerry Armstrong to Matthew McWhorter and Erin Kovacic, $268,000.

24 Graymont Circle, Cristina Pires to Asif and Erum Ilyas, $255,000.

100 Third Ave., JB and J Real Estate LLC to Richard Roens, $229,000.

223 Georgetowne Court, Earl and Margaret Blank to Angela Randazzo, $223,000.

24 Goldfinch Circle, Margaret McHugh to Nidhi and Varun Seth, $720,000.

41 Iroquois Drive, Beverly Holbert to Michael and Anna Carfagno, $276,500.

829 Woods End Court, Toll PA VIII LP to Bernard Friel, $583,364.

20 Graymont Circle, Christopher Imperio to Ping Feng and Eileen Bai, $245,000.

106 Poplar Court, Vorachith and Phonevilay Phanhnong to Mary Wells, $216,000.


330 Brandon Rd., John Stipa et al to Kathleen and Francis Charlesworth, $165,000.

2091 Holloway Rd., Thomas and Patricia Johnston to Joseph Gallo, $190,000.

149 Burnside Ave., James and Joyce Robinson to Dwayne Bolt, $280,000.

2401 Chestnut Ave., Susan Markley to John Hines, $325,000.

24 Jefferson Ave., Natasha Nicholson to Jennifer Garrison, $153,000.

1992 Virginia Lane, Millard Strauss est. to James and Joyce Robinson, $225,000.

401 Middleton Place, Jacob Singer and Albert Martin to Vincent Roncace and Matthew Fulmer, $109,000.

446 Brandon Rd., Condo 446, Kathryn Kehoe est. to Judith Walters and Tracey Klauder, $155,000.


4141 Buttercup Lane, Linda Herbert to Joshua Wentz, $320,000.

364 E North Lane, Joseph and Diane Brugnoli to David Bauer and Stephanie Himes, $200,000.

6316 E Valley Green Rd., James and Ann Dymond to Brian and Susan Jacobs, $382,450.

4145 Twynnwood Rd., John Bodden to Kate Charles, $225,000.

6309 Sunnybrook Ave., Christopher and Rosemary Roth to James Lombard, $280,000.

4 Balsam Place, Marion Sasse to Melissa Visintin, $345,000.

3171 Colony Lane, David and Adina Laver to John and Kristen Jordan, $365,000.

740 Hunt Lane, Leighton and Eve Wildrick to David and Laura Thayer, $1,500,000.

416 Flourtown Rd., Frank Thayer est. to Emily and Valerie Kochanowicz, $192,250.

534 Bethlehem Pike, Maria Meehan to Terri Skalecki, $17,000.

426 Pheasant Lane, Dianne Greer to William Cook and Sandy Hirsch, $345,000.

4033 Fairway Rd., Eugene and Carol Spirito to Troy Bixler and Brittany Winn, $350,000.

250 Ridge Pike, Bldg B Condo 250, Lucille Verruni to Daniel and Lisa Schwartz, $120,000.

17 Scarlet Oak Drive, Linda Pudles to Marc Nathan and Marnie Davis, $595,000.


1820 Ferguson Lane, Robert and Kimberly Koch to Andrew and Lauren Siegel, $550,000.

680 Maple Hill Rd., Troy Deck and Holly Hastings to Christopher Kopitsky and Joanne Nasife, $525,000.

1720 Walton Rd., Condo 1720, Joshua Group et al to Soni Family Ltd Partnership, $1,330,000.

155 Ridings Way, John and Kelly Crits to Donna and Peter Kratochvila, $675,000.

2 Bugle Lane, Albert Rauer to Mark and Doreen Sandrow, $365,000.

16 Barclay Court, Bldg 203 U-16, Ginny Voigt to Lori McIlvaine, $201,000.

158 Birkdale Drive, Duane and Ursula Deetscreek to Yung and Susan Lee, $440,000.

127 Evergreen Court, Frances Currie and William Jacoby to Edward and Mary Heenan, $315,000.

915 Union Meeting Rd., John and Sandra Simon to Jason Wood and Cheryl Harper, $430,000.

961 Valley Rd., John And Jeannette Munera to Ryan and Stacey Buterbaugh, $452,000.

2 Steeplechase Lane, Gloria Abriola to Gail Klein, $365,000.

911 Ashford Lane, Adam and Keri Berman to Sirva Relocation Prop LLC, $422,500.

911 Ashford Lane, Sirva Relocation Prop LLC to John and Erica Guillama, $422,500.

14 High Gate Lane, John and Gail Peake to Marvin Sasson, $315,000.


2501 Elm Circle, Deutsche Bank Nat’l Trust Co et al to Lakshana Pujar, $131,299.

2809 Township Line Rd., Paolo and Nicole Pileggi to Gregory Howarth, $300,000.

6 Hampton Court, Eric and Rachel Paster to Sridevi Krishnan, $255,000.


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