There it was. In Deed Book 164. In 1873, it disclosed, Edwin Lacey purchased 38 acres from Isaac Perry. The land was part of a tract owned by the Hart family since the early 1700s, according to Deed Book 16, and now it was the area where the Borough of Ivyland would be established.

“It is fascinating to see our founding fathers’ names in these books and realize it is the official record from the beginning of our special community,” said Christina Finello, council member, Ivyland Borough.

The historic Bucks County books containing the intriguing information are among about 700 volumes of original deeds and other historic county documents dating to the early 1680s. The stuff are being restored and preserved in the Bucks County Deed Book Restoration Project.

Ivyland Borough and Warwick Township recently voted to support the project, and deed books have been dedicated to elected officials and residents of both municipalities. Deed Books 16 and 164 will be displayed in Ivyland Borough Hall Conference Room from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. weekdays through Dec. 20. Warwick Township will display Deed Book 24 in its office lobby though Sept. 20.

The Warwick book details property owned by John Moland that was leased for five shillings, and release of land owned by Thomas Freame, husband of William Penn’s daughter, Margaret. The Freames sold some of the land to Moland in 1737.

“Given the rich history of Warwick, as well as Bucks County, we were happy to play a part in preserving our history,” said Warwick supervisor Chairperson Judith Algeo. “With the world and technology moving so fast these days, it is exciting to be part of a project that is saving historic documents for generations to come.”

So, imagine. Years from today a Bucks resident may find your name and property in Deed Books and wonder about life in the old days of the 21st century.

“Once preserved, these books will last another 500 years,” said Robin Robinson, county Recorder of Deeds.

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