The Whitemarsh Township Board of Supervisors is prepared to take a bold stand against animal cruelty. The Supervisors are to be commended for their compassion and decency.

Whitemarsh Township will be voting on legislation to ban wild and exotic animal acts. Animals used in circuses and other travelling exhibits are beaten until their will is gone, then they are forced to perform unnatural tricks. The animals live most of their lives in cages being trucked from one performance to another. It is a sad, miserable, and inhumane existence. This exploitation brings profits to the show’s producer and it sells tickets, but it fosters a lifetime of cruelty so people can attend a once a year performance. It also perpetuates animal abuse by teaching children that such exploitation is acceptable. It is not.

Several US jurisdictions and the states of New Jersey, and Hawaii have banned travelling animal acts. Many states have legislation pending. In Pennsylvania, Representative Melissa Shusterman has introduced House Bill 996 to ban travelling animal acts.

Change will only come when people demand a higher ethic. Whitemarsh Township is in a position to lead Montgomery County into a future where all life forms are respected and appreciated.

-- Marc Hoffman, North Wales

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