Nine hundred and forty five days and we have lost our country. Our rights, our children’s futures, our electoral system, our allies, our credibility, our honor, our health, our social safety nets, our position of trust as a world partner seeking peace, our clean air, water and food, our national park system, the protection of our wilderness, our chance for clean energy, our freedom from gun violence, our system of justice, our cybersecurity, our privacy, our public education system, and other losses too numerous to mention have all been ripped from us by this president and his enablers in Congress

Restore sanity to our country. Register to vote, then VOTE. Your next chance is November 5th. School board, county offices, judgeships, town supervisors, council members and auditors are being chosen this fall. These are important, bedrock positions which determine how responsive and honest your local and county government is to its citizens.

Montgomery County has adopted a new voting system which you need to familiarize yourself with before 2020. It is more secure and more transparent. Start to take back our country on November 5 with your vote!

To register online go to

-- Judy Hughes, Blue Bell

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