When reading the lead article of the June 9th Gazette, "A rally for reproductive rights," I quickly realized that the main message is not reproduction but the opposite: abortion rights or taking of the life of the unborn child. The cheer for women's rights at the expense of future women (and men) rings hollow. How much better would it be if the governor and other politicians who came to Ambler would rally for everyone to have life!

The article mentions only at the very end the significant presence of those that support life. Please do not label those that are pro-life as “anti-choice”. There are always choices to be made, such as whether or not to pledge to be chaste before marriage, who will be one's fiancé, whether or not to have contraception and, if pregnancy ensues, whether to raise the child or to choose adoption. It is better to call those who value the unborn child pro-life instead of "anti-choice."

As Americans, we are guaranteed the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the first of which and the most basic is the right to life without which the others do not exist.

Ruth Bird

Ambler, PA

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