With five four-year seats up for grabs, 10 candidates are seeking spots on the Upper Dublin School Board.

The election result is assured to bring several new faces to the board, as only one incumbent, Art Levinowitz, who is current board president, is on the ballot.

Newcomers seeking a spot on the board are Ginny Cairo-Vitella, Darlene Davis, Steve D’Angelo, Michael A. Henderson, Jennifer Iannitti, Joseph M. Holmes, Jennifer Kuznits, Pamela Olshefski and Jeffrey Wallack.

The 10 candidates are running as teams. Five of the candidates are running as a team, Upper Dublin United. They are D'Angelo, Holmes, Kuznits, Olshefski, and Cairo-Vitella. They are listed on the Republican ballot but the group emphasizes that they are running as non-partisans who believe strongly in allegiance to their community, not a political party. 

The other five -- Davis, Henderson, Iannitti, Levinowitz and Wallack are running as the Alliance for Upper Dublin Schools

Founded in 2018, Upper Dublin United was started by a group of concerned citizens who had been active in the local school community for years and wanted to bring their passion to elected positions on the UD school board, according to information provided by the group. Their mission is to improve educational opportunities and restore non-partisanship to local school board elections by ensuring that people of all political backgrounds are involved in the school district’s decision-making processes, a press release states. 

Alliance candidates, who are listed on the Democratic line on the ballot, emphasize their experience and the importance of maintaining high standards in Upper Dublin schools. According to the platform on their website, they believe many people move to Upper Dublin for the quality of the schools, and board experience will help maintain that high standard. 

School board candidates in Pennsylvania can cross-file in the primary election and often appear on either both party lines or on a ballot line for a different party in the November election. 

Current board members Vanessa Good, Joan Ryder Ludwig and Sara Johnson Rothman are not on the ballot for re-election.

The election will be held Tuesday, November 5. All Montgomery County polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Each candidate was sent a short questionnaire asking why they are seeking a place on the board and, if elected, what issues would be most important to them. Each candidate was permitted 250 words per response.

The following are their responses, lightly edited for clarity.

Michael A. Henderson

Occupation: Director of Engineering, Triumph Aerospace Group

Years of relevant experience: 33

Why are you running for this position?

Having served as an Assistant Professor of History at the United States Military Academy at West Point for 3 years, I bring a unique perspective to assessing opportunities in our school district. I am keen to new and innovative pedagogical techniques that will keep this generation of students engaged and learning at a successful level. My teaching background makes me sensitive to the infrastructure needs for our educators, which is one of the reasons I strongly support our new Sandy Run Middle School rebuild initiative. With a son who is a senior at Villanova University studying for a dual major in Clinical Psychology and Theology with a minor in Theatre and a daughter, a freshman at Pratt Institute and a former Captain of the Marching Cardinals' percussion section, I am highly supportive of our school system's world class Arts programs at all levels.

If elected, which issues would you make a priority?

My top priority is to balance maintaining superb academic performance and safe facilities while keeping revenue adjustments at or below the state average. I bring 20 years of business leadership experience managing performance requirements to budgetary realities. We must hire the best teachers and administrators, proactively plan our capital expenses, manage our debt assiduously and display fiscal discipline.

Art Levinowitz

Occupation: Retired Educator

Years of relevant experience: over 35 years

(8 years as a teacher; 25 years as an administrator for the New Jersey Department of Education; 20 years serving on the Upper Dublin School Board)

Why are you running for this position?

I am the president of both the Upper Dublin Board of School Directors and the Joint Operating Committee at Eastern Center for Arts and Technology. We are doing great work are both institutions. At Upper Dublin we provide the appropriate opportunities to enable ALL students to be successful. I strongly support in the great work done in the area of equity and excellence. I believe in the district vision to empower all students through equitable practices. I have experience as board president, vice-president and chairing numerous committees. I am the only incumbent running for school board and I believe my knowledge and experiences will help move the new board forward. I have worked with 3 previous Superintendents and, this past year, with our new dynamic superintendent. I am very excited to continue being part of the team of 10 (9 school directors and superintendent). I am a strong advocate not only of academics, but also the arts, activities, and athletics. This past September, you would have seen me cheering on our football team, announcing the Spectacle of Sound Marching Band Competition, supporting the Corners for Cancer Field-Hockey game, watching a Water-Polo tournament, participating in the SRMS Groundbreaking Ceremony, marching in the UD Tri-Centennial Parade, stopping by at the SPEAC Meet and Greet, attending the theatre preview, and participating in the “Safe to Say Something” event with our amazing students and Attorney General Shapiro and Senator Hughes. I am UD PROUD and I want to continue moving us forward.

If elected, which issues would you make a priority?

Completion of the New Sandy Run Middle School on schedule and on-, or under-budget. This building will safe, flexible, sustainable and reflect current and future leaning needs with appropriate science classrooms, collaborative spaces, outdoor learning area, and a media center with a connected project-based learning space. The school will also be a tremendous resource for the Upper Dublin Community offering a 500-seat auditorium, two full-sized gymnasiums, a planetarium, and a multi-use artificial-turf field. Implementation of the district “Strategic Plan for Empowerment through Education Excellence.” Assess ongoing progress made in all goals; Teaching and Learning, Technology and Innovation, Engagement, Human Resources and Labor Relations, Budget and Finance, Facilities and Operations (see district website document). The latest school-ranking by Niche.com ranked the district 14 in the state; top 3%. I want to see that excellence continued. Commit necessary resources and provide appropriate staffing and programming to address the mental health and safety of all students. Continue the progress made in Equity and Excellence. Review/Refine the District Financial Long-Range Plan including the anticipated drop-off in debt due to the high school debt fall-off in less than 10 years. Review/refine the District Facilities plan for all buildings but focusing on the needs at our 3 older elementary schools. For the past 5 years the district has approved tax increases below many of our neighboring districts. I will do my best to continue this practice. Review/Consider available Tax-Rebate programs for qualified Upper Dublin Seniors similar to the program offered by the State.

Jeffrey Wallack

Occupation: Construction Law and Commercial Litigation Attorney

Years of relevant experience: 26 years of experience as an attorney; 13 years of experience as an Upper Dublin resident; 12 years of experience as a Director and/or Officer of the Upper Dublin Education Foundation

Why are you running for this position?

Excellence and equity in Upper Dublin public education. Having served as an officer and director of the Upper Dublin Education Foundation for 12 years, I have seen firsthand the benefits of innovative educational programs; how a 21st century education continues to change and adapt to modern times; and the need for equity in educational experiences for all Upper Dublin students. I now seek to represent the Upper Dublin community as a member of the Board of School Directors and work to ensure that all of our children have the opportunity to receive an excellent education, capable of preparing them for our ever-changing world, irrespective of race, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, socioeconomic background, ability or other similar constructs. Two areas of particular importance to me are STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education and arts education, and I hope to be able to do my part to highlight and support both STEM and arts education for all children in Upper Dublin. To me, life is about developing a passion for something, whether science, literature, music, visual arts, industrial arts, trade vocations, athletics or something else. We, as a School District and a community, need to work together to foster and develop those passions in every one of our children. I hope to bring my passion for public education, our children and our future to the Upper Dublin School Board.

If elected, which issues would you make a priority?

(1) Using my construction law background to provide relevant input with regard to the New Sandy Run Middle School and, thereafter, future capital planning, infrastructure and construction needs throughout the District;

(2) Working to foster and provide broad-based community support for, and necessary resources to implement and achieve, the goals and visions of the Superintendent, Chief Academic Officer and other education professionals tasked with the educational means and methods of the School District, to include, without limitation, literacy goals, math and science goals, and writing goals;

(3) Helping to ensure that the School District has necessary tools of governance: that is, clear and well thought-out policies and administrative regulations to guide the District through the myriad of new and challenging issues that the School District faces every year and to allow the District to adapt to ever-changing societal and educational needs; and

(4) Striving to make sure: (a) that arts education is always a strong and vibrant part of public education in Upper Dublin and (b) that all Upper Dublin students have readily available opportunities for STEM education and development of STEM interests in a variety of genres and applications.

Additional comments (250 words or less):

My own personal style and philosophy are best reflected in two words: integrity and consensus-building. First, in the law and in life, nothing is more important than integrity, ethics and professionalism, and if elected, my commitment to the highest of those standards will never waver. Second, I am a firm believer in cohesiveness and consensus-building as the best means to achieve goals and progress. Whether a seemingly principled legal battle or a hotly contested educational issue, negotiation, consensus and resolution are, in my view, infinitely more productive than continued conflict. If I have the privilege of being elected to the School Board, these philosophies will no doubt be reflected in how I attempt to represent the Upper Dublin community.

Jennifer Iannitti

Occupation: Stay at home parent

Years of relevant experience: 4 years classroom teacher, 5 years media/communications,

9 years school volunteer, 16 years Upper Dublin resident

Why are you running for this position?

I believe the Upper Dublin community will benefit from having a school board dedicated to serving all students. I am deeply committed to equity and inclusion in our schools. I want to strengthen ties between the school board and the hard working volunteers I have worked with on the African American Black Student and Families Committee, Asian American Student and Family Committee, Hispanic/Latinx Student and Family Committee, and the Special Education Advisory Council of Upper Dublin. All of the Upper Dublin equity committees serve an important role in representing the needs of marginalized students and families. I want to see their work celebrated. I am an active volunteer, a former teacher, and my family is multiracial. I will use my unique skill set to ensure all students and teachers are provided an environment where they can thrive regardless of their race, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic class, religion, or disability.

If elected, which issues would you make a priority?

My top priority is ensuring all students get a high quality education while exercising sound financial stewardship of taxpayer resources. I want to see all children showing educational growth annually, this includes our highest achievers. I will support hiring, retaining, and supporting great teachers. I will support the district goal that 100% of our students will:

1) read at/above grade level by the end of third grade and remain on/above grade level moving forward.

2) demonstrate at least proficiency in mathematics by the end of seventh grade and remain on/above grade level moving forward.

3) demonstrate at least proficiency in writing across all domains by the end of eighth grade.

Additional comments:

I have resided in Upper Dublin Township for 16 years. I have two children at Sandy Run Middle School and two children at Fort Washington Elementary School. I am an active member of the Upper Dublin community. As a Fort Washington Elementary School PTA Vice-President, I have advocated for the needs of socioeconomically disadvantaged students and collaborated with Excellence and Equity Sub-Committees to spearhead a guest reader program to elevate diverse voices. I worked closely with local leaders of the Special Education community to advocate for the inclusion of students with disabilities in both the school district and the community. I also served on the board of the Fort Washington Swim & Tennis Club. Previously, I taught in the Central Bucks and Philadelphia school districts. Thank you for this opportunity and don't forget to vote Tuesday November 5th!

Dr. Darlene G. Davis

Occupation: Retired Educator

Relevant Experience: Over 30 years in education as teacher, counselor, principal and superintendent

Why are you running for this position?

As a retired educator, I would love to give back to my community in the area I spent my career and one in which I am extremely passionate. Throughout my employment, I have believed in providing educational opportunities for all students that nurture academic and personal growth and this belief would be at the core of serving as a school director. I also believe my varied positions, in four school districts in Montgomery County, provide a unique lens to support Upper Dublin School District on our journey of continuous improvement. My goal as a board member would be to support the vision and strategic plan of Upper Dublin School District and be fully committed to the duties of a school director.

If elected, which issues would you make a priority?

1. Champion “Educational Excellence for Everyone” by supporting the Educational Equity and Non-Discrimination policy as it addresses how resources are distributed to focus on identified needs, providing relevant activities in and out of the classroom for all students, and hiring a diverse work force that reflects our community. To achieve educational excellence for all students I would also support approval of quality professional development for our administrators, teachers and staff as we commit to eliminating achievement gaps for subgroups in our district.

2. Provide “Inspiring Learning Environments” by supporting the construction project at Sandy Run Middle School within the approved budget and reviewing long range plans for all Upper Dublin schools to maximize their potential and prepare students for a global 21st century economy. I also believe “Inspired Learning Environments” provide enriching activities beyond the classroom walls and are critical in developing the whole child. This includes having sufficient space for athletics and activities to meet the diverse interests of our students and providing a positive school climate that encourages caring and respectful relationships in the school community.

Additional Comments:

My husband and I have lived in Upper Dublin since 1996 and have two Upper Dublin graduates who attended kindergarten through 12th grade in the district. I believe that Upper Dublin is a great school district and that Upper Dublin is a great township in which to live. We chose Upper Dublin in 1996 and as empty nesters…we still choose Upper Dublin. I truly believe at the foundation of a strong community is a strong school district and I would love to use my background and knowledge to serve on the Upper Dublin school board.

Ginny Cairo-Vitella

Occupation: Certified Public Accountant

Years of relevant experience: 30 years

Why are you running for this position?

I am running for school board because of my desire to do all I can for the place I have called home for 50 years. I have three children going to the UD schools and got involved by attending almost all school board meetings for the past six years and volunteering extensively throughout the district. All children, taxpayers and residents need to be considered when making decisions. We’ve had to fight for a full time principal, second recess, new windows in a fifty year old building, air conditioning in the elementary schools, the planetarium, the field of dreams, water filters on our fountains in our schools just to name a few. We have seen all but three votes in the past six years go 9-0. The community is ignored and there is a lack of empathy. The school board and the district are not only responsible for a quality education for its students but also to be fiscally responsible while providing the proper maintenance of its facilities. It must consider all taxpayers who live in the district. I believe my professional background as an accountant is an important skill that is needed and currently lacking on the school board. We have to ask the tough questions that have not been asked and do the research and due diligence before any decisions are made. We must not limit community input. We must listen to our community and be pro-active, not re-active.

If elected, which issues would you make a priority?

We must have open and honest discussions on taxes, curriculum, and test results while always engaging all stakeholders. We must be smart when making decisions in regard to spending and tax increases. There should be no tax increase without full examination of the budget and long range plans. We need to work together with our township in order to eliminate waste and duplication of services. We will focus on student achievement, fiscal responsibility, transparency, open communication and a vision for a long range plan in academics, budgeting and facilities. We need to look at other districts to find out what they are doing better and determine how we can do things better. We need to work on the achievement gap, do curriculum reviews and determine if what is implemented is truly working. We have to help ALL students reach academic excellence through differentiation and needed programs. We need to work on the budget. We can’t continue to tax people without doing the hard work of full analysis of the budget and spending practices. As our superintendent says there are some bells that can’t be un-rung but we can change how we do business. We can change philosophies, take the politics out of the school board and focus on the kids, the families and the taxpayers of Upper Dublin.

Additional comments:

School board is not a career. School board is a voluntary position that should not be used as a resume enhancement or a launching pad for future political aspirations. School board is to be non-political and for far too long it has become the exact opposite. I love Upper Dublin and want to do all I can to help her become the best place to go to school, live, work and play! We are UD and we are united to bring about change and break the cycle of self-selection in positions on the board and committees. We cannot continue to blame others for our shortcomings, we need to own them and we need to correct them. Our debt load is crushing and our tax rates are forcing empty nesters to move. Upper Dublin is a fantastic community with many resourceful residents who have expertise and knowledge on various issues. This is an important resource to tap into to right the ship. Our team brings diversity of ideas, back grounds and professions that will create a well rounded board and will help foster an environment of thoughtful discussions and decisions. We need change and Upper Dublin United is the change that is needed!

Jennifer Kuznits

Occupation: Realtor/investor

Years of relevant experience: 6+

Why are you running for this position?

I have attended school board meetings consistently for years, been involved in task force committees and have witnessed firsthand the overall operations of the school district. I have noticed a lack of transparency, a lack of follow through and an overall lack of accountability. In my six years of attending meetings I have only witnessed three votes that were not 9-0. I am hoping to bring diversity of thought to our board. This is a non-partisan position, so in my mind, the major political parties should not be endorsing candidate and by doing so they have created an echo chamber. I am hoping to put children first again, by putting the politics aside. Just from sitting on the sidelines, I have been able to rally the community to save second recess from being cut at the elementary level, got radon testing in all buildings, got clean water filters in our schools, brought A/C to our elementary schools and saved the Field of Dreams. When political parties endorse candidates before the primary, they are taking choice away from their members. Who selects the committee to do the endorsing? What are their qualifications? In years past, sitting school board members have been on the selection committee. Do we really think they would endorse a candidate who questions their choices? The bottom line, with our high taxes and sliding rankings, we need to be asking a lot of questions.

If elected, which issues would you make a priority?

UD is a great district, but we can't move it forward if we don’t acknowledge our shortcomings. There are many issues that need improvement. We haven't had a curriculum review in many years. We should be doing them every three or so years. We have implemented a multitude of new curriculum and haven't followed up on their successes or failures. We need a more transparent budgeting process. We need real conversations about tax increases. I have watched the board discuss how much to raise taxes based on what they could get away with without upsetting the community. This is NOT a way to budget. Student mental health and wellness is a concern. Aside from sleep start times, there are many things we can do to enhance the overall health and welfare of our kids. Some things, as easy as releasing bus routes sooner than a few days before school start and releasing teacher and classroom information earlier, would help students with anxiety. Looking in to homework burdens and even the weight of our student's backpacks can go a long way toward helping students have a smoother day.

Additional comments:

I have attended school board meetings regularly for more than five years. I am passionate about our district and our kids. I am not afraid to speak up and stick my neck out on their behalf. In the past 10 years our overall tax increase percentage has been the highest out of 60 Montgomery County School Districts. Having a lower tax increase for one year, is nothing to brag about, especially when our taxes have steadily increased while our rankings have steadily declined. We had one bright spot this year but that is not the trend. Also, our second largest expenditure is debt. In most other districts the curriculum is the second largest expense. Think about that...we spend more money on paying down debt and interest than we do on our student’s education. We still don't have a long term facilities plan despite it being part of the SRMS task force recommendation. We can keep going to Harrisburg to beg for more money, but what does that really mean? The state would have to raise all of our other taxes to generate the income. In essence, our current board's plan is to have the state raise your taxes, instead of the School District. We must focus in on our own budget and find the savings. We are NOT talking about cutting teachers but when we don't have a clear accounting of what we are paying for, it is a problem. We need to be fiscally responsible with every single penny!

Steve D’Angelo

Occupation: Commercial, Utility, Industrial Construction

Years of relevant experience: 30

Why are you running for this position?

To represent a growing number of concerned township residents who feel their voices are not heard. I have been active in the community, on the school and township side, from the time my wife and I chose to move to UD. During the last fifteen plus years the School Board has been irresponsible both with spending and developing a long-term plan for the district. My professional experience is of proven accountability and fiscal responsibility, and will be an asset to the board. It is time for fresh perspectives and new ideas. We have been directed by members who have made a career out of being on the School Board and a political party that ensures like minded thinkers are elected. The representation of our children’s education should not be political and I am dedicated to making sure we move back toward that ideology.

If elected, which issues would you make a priority?

We need to be transparent and focused on our mission. There have been too many instances of irresponsibility in spending as well as operations for the better part of twenty years. The board is constantly changing curriculums, with no review of efficacy, developing deficit budgets year over year and then holding the taxpayer hostage to their fiscal mismanagement. My priorities would be to evaluate current curriculums and develop real strategies to help close the achievement gap. I would push to have a Student Mental Health Plan and a writing curriculum in our Elementary Schools. I would work toward setting UD apart from other districts by directing us toward 21st Century learning and being the innovators not by constantly changing course to try and keep up with other districts.

Additional comments:

My wife and I grew up in neighboring districts. We chose to raise our family here because it was a great district with a great value. Since then our taxes have gone up over 50% while pursuing new buildings and the newest curriculums, all the while our rankings have been inconsistent and politics have steered the ship instead of the interest of our students. We have been mired in group think for entirely too long. In the past six years there have been only three votes that have not been unanimous and that is very concerning. This thought process has us facing a (roughly) $260 Million debt where the only solution is to raise taxes. Most districts second highest expense (after salaries and benefits) is cost per student. UD is debt service. The path needs to be changed before it is too late. I love UD. When and if I leave, I want it to be because I choose to, not because I have to.

Joseph Holmes

Occupation: Fixed Income Trader/Capital Markets

Years of Relevant Experience: 25+ years

Why are you running for school board?

To change and improve the way our school board operates as we educate the children of Upper Dublin. I want to overhaul the way the district communicates with the community. I want to help implement a sound long-range plan with regards to district facilities and buildings. I want to help put the district on a sustainable financial path that will ensure quality education for future generations of children. Our school board, over the past 20 years, has had one set of ideas when it comes to major decisions affecting the district. The nine-member panel has operated as one singular voice when making decisions. 9-0 votes are all too commonplace on the current board. If elected, I will bring a fresh set of perspectives and ideas. I am NOT beholden to ideology, political party, or special interest group. I am committed to providing the absolute best education for all children. My 25+ years of professional experience helping corporations raise debt can only help bring a much-needed expertise to our board as we navigate the financial mess we find ourselves in. I want to help provide a voice to all UD stakeholders. Many of our retirement-aged residents find themselves struggling with the all too common yearly tax increase and for far too long, they have not had a voice at the table. We need new voices with a fresh set of ideas on the Upper Dublin School board and that is why I am running.

If elected, which issues would you make a priority?

Financial matters are front and center with me. If we don’t find a way to put the district on a fiscally sound, sustainable future, the quality of education that our children receive will ultimately suffer. I was part of the district-wide financial and budget task force in which we were ‘charged’ to find ways to put the district on better financial grounds. Our committee had some innovative and thoughtful ways for the district to save money. But in what seems to be a common theme among district wide task forces, implementation of our suggestions proved difficult and were never really acted upon. We need to look for and expand alternative revenue sources beyond the local real estate tax. Waste in the budget needs to be eliminated. A $100 million+ budget has waste in it so we will go through the budget line by line to identify and eliminate wasteful spending. Communication and transparency with our tax-paying residents must improve. We cannot forget they are the ones paying the bills. I want our residents to feel like they are part of the process that welcomes and encourages community input and ideas. Sadly, many feel that our current board discourages such interaction. This needs to change. There is nothing more important to a parent than the education their child receives. Let’s invite them into the process even further. Let’s become advocates for our parents and not adversaries. Our children’s futures depend on it.

Additional comments:

“What happens and when?”….this question should scare the heck out any resident of Upper Dublin Township as it relates to the financial sustainability of our school district. We have no long-range plan for dealing with our infra-structure, including our three 50+ year old elementary school buildings. How do we handle the aging buildings? We have no long-range plan when it comes to dealing with our ballooning debt obligations. We are paying for the new SRMS with interest only debt. Why? It is because we cannot afford to service any more debt for the next 10 years. How do we weather another economic recession of which may bring more commercial real estate assessment appeals? Such appeals could cost the district millions of dollars. Without a long-range financial plan, I guess we will deal with it ‘flying by the seat of our pants’. I don’t know many organizations with multi-million-dollar budgets that operate this way. Our 10-year tax increases are the highest of all the 60 school districts in Montgomery County. Yet over the same 10-year period our school rankings have not really responded to all of this investment. It seems we aren’t getting what we paid for. We have an aging population with many long-term residents struggling with all of these tax increases. UD United is grassroots, non-partisan effort by UD residents fighting to take back their school board. Politicians we are not, but rather a group of residents concerned about the future of our school board. The time for change is upon us and we ask the residents of Upper Dublin to help UD United make this change a reality.

Pamela Olshefski

Occupation: Curatorial Assistant/Horticulturist

Years of relevant experience: 10 years

Why are you running for school board?

I have lived in Upper Dublin for eighteen years and love this community. I have three daughters in the Upper Dublin School District and have been very involved in both the district and the community over the last ten years. I have been part of various District task force committees, have worked as PTA president, have taught after school classes and I am currently the Sandy Run Middle School field hockey coach. I have worked with the District’s Equity and Empowerment committee from its inception. I started attending School Board meetings about seven years ago because I had concerns about the class size policies, curriculum, transportation and teacher furloughs. I have watched over the years as the school board has made many decisions that I felt were not always in the best interest of our teachers and students. The community voice is often not heard and at times flat out ignored. I feel that our current school board does not reflect the diversity of thought that exists in our community and I would like the opportunity to make that change.

If elected, which issues would you make a priority?

There are so many great things about Upper Dublin School District but there is definitely work that needs to be done. We need to acknowledge our shortfalls so that we can take the steps to improve them. I think that education and student mental health are at the top of the list. I believe that curriculum reviews are imperative in light of all of the curriculum changes we have made over the past few years. Supporting our teachers properly and having their input is so vital when implementing curriculum. We need to work harder at meeting the needs of ALL students and closing the achievement gap. This is no easy task, but I believe as a district we can get there. We need to look at the whole child and student mental health is very much a part of that. While school start times are being looked into we also need to look at homework policies, class schedules and how we can expand our health curriculum. There are so many important health and wellness topics to cover that the curriculum should be reviewed. We also need to work smarter when it comes to our financial decisions and tax increases. Creating a long-range plan is what helps drive better decisions. While the new buildings are great, we can’t ignore the needs of our other buildings.

Additional comments:

I think that our UD United team provides the diversity of thought, experience and vision it takes to represent Upper Dublin in the very important task of educating our students. Upper Dublin is an amazing place to live and we want to work hard at not only educating and supporting our students but making smart financial decisions that help our community thrive.

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