CHELTENHAM -- The Cheltenham Board of Commissioners recognized contributing members of the community during its Nov. 20 meeting in Curtis Hall.

Henry “Hank” Wacker was honored on behalf of his retirement after 29 years with the township as Sewer Superintendent in the Public Works Department.

“As many of you know, the township has had its share of sewer issues over the years. This person has done more to address those issues than anyone else,” Commissioner Drew Sharkey said. “On behalf of a grateful township, I want to thank you. It’s a loss to the township. We wish you the best of luck.”

Ruth Ann Lally was honored on behalf of her retirement after 29 years with the township as Administrative Assistant/Purchasing Clerk in the Accounting Department.

Joyce Werkman was honored on behalf of her work on the Camp William Penn and Historic La Mott Day Event.

“Joyce created a community event to honor the significant role of the camp in American history,” Sharkey said.

The Arcadia Facilities Team was honored for its ongoing contributions to the township.

“These individuals do more for this community than anyone can imagine,” Sharkey said. “They help with community endeavors from plowing snow to prepping for food truck festivals.”

Organizers of the township’s annual Food Truck Festival were honored for creating a community tradition.

“The first year we had a food truck festival, we were told we couldn’t have food trucks, but we found a way around that” he said. “These individuals were instrumental in finding and securing vendors. It’s become an amazing way to welcome back students and tie them into the community. To see what is now there is remarkable.”

Mary Galbally was honored for her beautification efforts within the township.

“Mary has been able to infuse Glenside with public art, particularly murals,” Sharkey said. “Just look at what she’s been able to do with Roberts Block. The way it used to look versus what it is now is incomparable. Those murals wouldn’t be here without Mary. Thank you for everything you’ve done.”

The Glenside Fire Company was honored with a Community Service Award, accepted by Chief Joe Stuckert and 30-year member Al Regenhard.

Kevin Burke was honored for his rehabilitation of an unoccupied lot beneath the SEPTA underpass on North Easton Rd, which now lays claim to The Ways Brewery.

Gina Burke, owner of TreVi restaurant, Joseph and Colleen Coll, owners of the Glenside Pub, Deb Campbell, owner of DC Interiors, LLC, and Maureen Haff, owner of Magnolia’s gift shop were each honored for their contributions to the township’s service industry.

Bill Winneberger, Deb Winneberger, Stephen Winneberger, and Conor Mooney were honored for their annual efforts to decorate the community Christmas tree and light posts.

“It’s been an honor to work with the volunteers in our community,” Sharkey said. “Certain groups do a little bit more than others, and they deserve to be honored. Your help does not go unnoticed, whether it’s decorating a tree or a light post, arranging block parties, whatever it may be.”

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