SKIPPACK — CrossFit Rage in Skippack combines working out with bettering the community, which truly allows people to look good and feel good.

The gym is a CrossFit affiliate-- a workout trend that has been going strong for years now.

Besides the daily CrossFit workouts, CrossFit gyms share a common goal of bettering the community.

CrossFit Rage is no exception to this generality.

The gym has around 100 active members, all part of a tight-knit CrossFit family.

“The community part is definitely huge here,” CrossFit Rage owner Jordan Troyan said.

Every year, CrossFit Rage members who are looking to qualify for the CrossFit Games participate in what is called the open, which is a 5-week process.

After the process is over, the gym hosts a fundraiser that puts a big spin on working out.

“After the open, we’ll do a beer mile. It’s usually in April or May. We ask people to pay around $5 to participate and the money raised goes toward a foundation of our choice,” Troyan said.

If drinking beer, running and repeating is not appealing to some, CrossFit Rage puts together other fundraisers throughout the year.

“We did a fundraiser last year during Thanksgiving called the ‘PilgrimRage,’ which was a partner workout of the day and you had to complete tasks that you check off as you went along,” Troyan said.

Proceeds from this event went to underprivileged Spring-Ford Area High School students.

CrossFit Rage members get involved in these fundraisers, which strengthens the tight-knit family CrossFit Rage has created.

“Everyone pretty much knows everyone. When they come here, it’s a social thing,” Troyan said.

Since CrossFit Rage members know each other and see each other so frequently, accountability comes into play.

“People love to come because they feel accountable. If one of my members doesn’t show up for a week or two, I’ll email them to ask where they’ve been,” Troyan said.

Crossfit Rage trains some major CrossFit competitors, two of whom competed at a global level this year.

Owner Troyan and member, Kurt Stein, recently qualified for and competed in the CrossFit Games.

Along with major competitors, the gym also trains people who participate in CrossFit to stay fit in general and compete against themselves.

“I think everyone is competitive to a certain extent. A lot of people just do it to stay healthy, for the most part. They like to feel good and look good,” Troyan said.

Whether it’s feeling good while working out or feeling good while helping the community, CrossFit Rage will continue to do it all.

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