NORTH WALES When Jens Rosmus came to America as a German exchange student in 1987, he knew he wanted to be a contributor to the country, and even more so, his community.

He strived to accomplish this by working in the finance industry for Fortune 500 companies such as Honda and Dell.

After 25 years in finance, Rosmus decided it was time to focus on touching his community through faith and helpful business practices.

It was at that point where he looked for a location to open a Christian Brothers Automotive faith-based repair shop.

“My passion, and really my calling, brought me to opening one of these stores,” Rosmus said.

Opening a branch of Christian Brothers Automotive would allow for Rosmus to impact his community through friendly, customer oriented business which embraces the company’s guiding idea — Love Your Neighbor as Yourself.

Rosmus was able to fulfill his ambition when he acquired a location right by the Montgomery Mall.

The shop celebrated its grand opening at 656 DeKalb Pike in North Wales on Saturday, July 13.

The event had 40 to 50 attendees from the local community and included a raffle which helped raise more than $200 for Manna on Main Street.

Now that the shop is open for business, Rosmus hopes the business can positively impact members of the community through fair and honest work.

“We’re very interested in the individual and building a relationship,” Rosmus said. “My personal goal is to change the perception of the industry one person at a time.”

By basing their company culture and practices in faith, Christian Brothers tries to bring a feeling of caring and comfort to their customers.

They do so by offering water and coffee in the waiting room, shuttle services to people with their car in the shop, text updates about vehicle status and detailed reports about the issues one’s vehicle may be facing.

“We try to be the nice difference,” Rosmus said. “That is where our focus is, and it comes out in transparency when dealing with a customer.”

Currently, the staff has three technicians, a service manager, a service writer and is operated by Rosmus, with hours of 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, and  8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday.

Rosmus hopes to grow the staff to up to 12 people and eventually phase out Saturday hours to give his staff back their weekends.

He believes doing this will make the technicians happier, therefore bringing a higher level of service and satisfaction to the customers.

“It is a very team oriented environment,” Rosmus said. “If you have happy technicians you will have happy customers because they’re happy with their work.”

On a national level, 96 percent of customers said they were happy with their experience at Christian Brothers Automotive, and 98 percent said they would return, according to the company’s website.

The idea of creating an experience that is uncommon in the industry is what has driven Christian Brothers as a business in the past and is the foundation  Rosmus hopes to build on.

This Montgomery Township location is the company’s 200th store nationwide and second in Pennsylvania, according to Rosmus.

“I care about every person I touch,” Rosmus said. “We just want to make it an exceptional customer experience.”

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