BRIDGEPORT — After considering bids from four different companies for a rooftop HVAC replacement, Bridgeport Council announced its decision at Tuesday’s meeting.

“After review of the bids and calling of references and making sure all the other contingencies and requirements are in place, I would make the recommendation to award this project to B&L Ott Heating and Air Conditioning,” noted Borough Manager Keith Truman, who indicated that B&L was the lowest bidder at $32, 109.

Council voted in favor of awarding the job to B&L, which is based in Reading.

Property owner Rick Melle presented Council with a plan for building two single homes at  519 Hurst St., which was a revision of a proposal previously presented that contained ordinances which council found undesirable.

“We thought the project was good and overall endorsed the project but didn’t want to send an endorsement to the zoning hearing board,” councilman Randy Bennett told Melle and his representative.

“The same evening, frankly, there was another project we thought the opposite of, and they’re not back. So take that for what it’s worth. I tend to agree that you should stay out of the zoning board’s business, but sometimes it’s Ok to send along an endorsement. I’m going to make a motion, and whatever happens happens, that we send this to the zoning hearing board with an endorsement from council.”

Melle was commended for making an effort to come back after being rejected and putting together a proposal that was more in character with the neighborhood.

Council unanimously approved sending a letter of endorsement to the zoning hearing board.

Councilwoman Meghan Nolan  noted that the Sustainability Advisory Committee had met on Thursday and is in the process of securing Bridgeport’s status as a sustainable community in Pennsylvania.

“We have enough points for a bronze certification but with a little more work we can get ourselves up to a silver certification, so we’re working on that,” Nolan said.

Councilwoman Beth Jacksier reported that the Dare 2B Aware Lyme Disease Prevention program, originally scheduled for July 11, had been moved to July 25, 6:30 p.m. at Borough Hall.

According to, the program uses the most current research available and standardizes prevention messages across the state, with seminars, printed materials, webinars, and public service announcements.

Police Chief Todd Bereda reminded everyone that Twilight on the River Cruise Night would be held Wednesday, May 15, 6 to 9 p.m., behind Frosty Falls Ice Cream. Bereda noted that he would be showcasing one of his classic cars in the show. For more information call 484-531-7540.

During the public portion of the meeting, Ford Street resident Bob Domurad questioned the ongoing absence of mayor Mark Barbee at Council meetings.

“People have come to my garage and have told me that the mayor has missed over four months of meetings. No one from the public has brought that up,” Domurad said.

“After everything the town went through, he’s not here, and he’s getting paid for it. Now, it’s not much money, unless you’re on Social Security, which a lot of people are, but that money could probably pay for somebody’s water bill and probably part of their electric bill. Now that’s money going out for four months of not being here. I don’t know about anybody else, but I get paid at my job for being there. But I just want an answer: Where is he?”

Truman quickly responded to Domurad’s question.

“Mr. Domurad, I certainly cannot speak for the whereabouts of an elected official, much less an elected official that oversees a department that’s not mine,” he said. 

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