COLLEGEVILLE — Two students in the Perkiomen Valley School District got the surprise of their lives Thursday.

Mieke and Dover Wilmoth were expecting a regular day at school on Jan. 9 until both received a surprise visitor to their classrooms at Evergreen Elementary School and Perkiomen Valley Middle School West — their father Major Jamey Wilmoth returned home from Afghanistan.

Major Wilmoth greeted both of his children with hugs and smiles to the delight of their classmates, who watched on and also had the opportunity to talk with him about his military service.

While in Afghanistan, Major Wilmoth served on a Forward Surgical Team as a nurse anesthetist. He has now completed four tours as part of his 13 years in the Army.

Major Wilmoth had been deployed since October and wasn't expected home until later, so both his children were overjoyed to see him after long months apart.

Mieke is a third-grader at Evergreen Elementary School and Dover is a sixth-grader at Perkiomen Valley Middle School West.

Faculty and staff at both schools worked to keep Major Wilmoth's visit a secret so that both children were surprised when he arrived at each school.

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