LOWER GWYNEDD >> Bags of colorful yarn, knitted squares and finished blankets lie neatly around the circle of female residents at Spring House Estates, an Acts retirement life community in Lower Gwynedd. It’s 1 p.m. Wednesday, and the women of the Knitwits have congregated to knit, crochet and sew for the next two hours.

The intricate blankets they create, however, are not for themselves or their families — they’re destined for Project Linus, a nonprofit organization named after the security-blanket-loving Peanuts comic character that delivers knitted and crocheted blankets to children at local hospitals who are in need or who are seriously ill or traumatized.

The Knitwits began over 10 years ago as a social group, a way to allow residents to meet one another and develop connections. However, Ginny Sinn, leader of the Knitwits since 2009, explained that the group’s objective has since evolved to include contributing to Project Linus.

While there are 15 regularly attending Knitwits members, roughly 70 residents at Spring House Estates contribute to Project Linus.

“It gives everyone a goal,” Sinn said.

Under Sinn’s leadership, the group finished approximately 400 blankets last year for Project Linus and, in 2018, 115 blankets as of last month.

Sinn proudly held up a binder full of pictures of blankets that had been designed and created by members.

New members are especially proud when they finish their first blanket, Sinn said.

“And each person does their own thing; they have their own style,” Sinn added. “They get to pick colors — some light, some dark. They can be creative in their own way.”

Sinn, as leader of the group, is responsible for taking pictures and recording the group’s progress, in addition to selecting and bringing in yarn for the women to work with.

“In January, I put together a video, about 25 minutes, of all the blankets we’ve made, and I’ll organize an event with food where everyone can watch the video,” Sinn said. “They all get very excited for it.”

“The group gets you acquainted with people,” Knitwits member Floss Morse said as she worked. “And Ginny is just a great person. She inspires all of us. She’s always there if we need her.”

When asked what the group meant to them, several Knitwits members replied with the camaraderie and fellowship aspects of the group, which, in many ways, are fueled by their collective mission to donate more blankets.

A testament to this notion, one of their latest achievements bound for the children of their community was the product of five different Knitwits members coming together to create a blanket, Ginny said with a smile.

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