NORRISTOWN — Swede Street saw some brand new temporary public space Friday as Park(ing) Day returned to Norristown.

On Friday several parking spaces outside the Montgomery County Courthouse were occupied by area groups who turned the spaces into vessels for community engagement.

The idea was to demonstrate how public space is used, particularly in urban areas.

"Park(ing) Day was started to turn our parking spaces into little tiny parks for the day. It's for fun and also to show how our public space is used. So it can hold one car or it can hold a park with chairs and several people," said Chloe Mohr of the Montgomery County Planning Commission. 

The Planning Commission was one of the few groups that set up a parking space Friday. Their "park" included information on gardening, herbs and plants that guests could take with them. 

The event started in San Francisco and is held on the third Friday in September every year.

Norristown has been participating in the urban holiday since 2015.

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