EAST ROCKHILL >> Former Eagles safety and Pro Football Hall of Fame member Brian Dawkins was welcomed to Upper Bucks Christian School by hundreds of fans who honored him with a standing ovation and a rousing rendition of the Eagles Fight Song.

“First of all, halleluiah!” exclaimed Dawkins at the opening of his conversation with theaudience. “That is the highest praise we can give our Lord.”

The Eagles legend wasted no time and delved right into practical life advice: “Life comes at you hard. Different things happen to us at different times. If I went through my life as a negative individual, I would have missed out on opportunities that the Lord put in front of me.”

To the delight of his fans, Dawkins also gave his insider view on the Eagles Super Bowl win and his induction to the Pro Football Hall of Fame: “I saw it. Prayed about it. Dreamed about it. I just felt it was the time for the Philadelphia fans to be able to celebrate on a whole new level.”

Dawkins then answered a question from the audience on his definition of “strength.”

“Sometimes our definition of ‘strong’ is skewed,” he said. “We think of muscles. Sometimes strong means walking away. Strong is being able to help someone who is going through something and hold their hand when they cry and help them carry their load. That’s strength. Courage is looking fear in the face and still going forward.”

The event was followed by a meet and greet with Dawkins and a silent auction of signed football memorabilia.

“Brian Dawkins has been my favorite athlete for as long as I can remember, and to be able to hear his story and to meet him was a dream come true for me.” event attendee Josh Crompton said. “I don’t think this is an evening we will ever forget.”

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