WEST ROCKHILL — The Penn Foundation last month hosted a luncheon at the Indian Valley Country Club to celebrate the service of more than 45 employees.

“Every day, you demonstrate incredible dedication as you work to give hope to individuals in our community struggling with mental health and substance use issues,” Penn Foundation President and CEO Wayne Mugrauer said. “It is because of you that Penn Foundation is a special place, and I am privileged to work with each one of you.”

Psychiatrist Vernon Kratz, MD, was recognized for 45 years of service. Kratz joined the Penn Foundation in 1973 as a staff psychiatrist. He served as medical director from 1980 to 2000 and president and CEO from 1988 to 2000.

Celebrating 30 years of service were Janice Dupper (Employee Assistance Program), Rita Riley (Village of Hope) and Mark Shipman (Recovery Center).

Celebrating 25 years of service were Lu Mauro (Mental Health Rehabilitation Services), Heather Davis (Intellectual Disabilities Supports Coordination) and Lois Dodson (Student Assistance Program).

Celebrating 20 years of service were Joyce Monico (Business Office) and Michelle Stengel (Operations and Quality). 

Celebrating 15 years of service were Kelly McClennen (HealthConnections), George Ehrhorn (Mental Health Outpatient Services) and Jennifer Smith (Communications).

Celebrating 10 years of service were Crystal Moore (Assertive Community Treatment — Sellersville), LaMar Kratz (Maintenance), Jill Valiant (Wellspring Clubhouse), Lisa Ewer (Wrap Around), Rachel Budich (Assertive Community Treatment — Pottstown), Lolly Smith (Assertive Community Treatment — Sellersville), Terri Young (Administration), Michele Bernstein (Early Intervention Services), Walter Wright (Peer Support), Nicole Tolbert (Wellspring Clubhouse), Lisa Kriebel (Mental Health Outpatient Services), Dr. Christopher Squillaro (Medical Director) and Mary Jean Velas (Recovery Center).

Celebrating five years of service were Candis Ubiles (Mental Health Outpatient Services and Camp Mariposa), Trish Nye (Recovery Center — Colmar Office), Megan Hausler (Business Office), Christy Spence (Wellspring Clubhouse), Emily Langlais (Intellectual Disabilities Supports Coordination), Sara Cleveland (Intellectual Disabilities Supports Coordination), Heather Maiden (Mental Health Case Management), Ryan Schweiger (Peer Support), Danielle Serratore ((Intellectual Disabilities Supports Coordination), Dwayne Henne (Mental Health Outpatient Services), Keri Cook (HealthConnections), Amy McNabb (Intellectual Disabilities Supports Coordination), Ginny Afman (Mental Health Outpatient Services), Amanda Grosso (Mental Health Case Management), Beth Gould (Business Office), Sally McGinty (Mental Health Outpatient Services), Betsy Nahrgang (Assertive Community Treatment — Pottstown), Martine Ott (Mental Health Outpatient Services), John Polier (Recovery Center), Lynette Reed (Mental Health Outpatient Services), Maurice Respes (Recovery Center), Kim Richards (Intellectual Disabilities Supports Coordination) and Angela Rissmiller (Emergency Services).

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