BEDMINSTER — The township's administrative offices are getting a new secure lobby. 

The offices, located on Elephant Road, are in a converted house. 

"It's unsecured and we were just looking for a thought process from the architect on how we could make it secure," Township Manager Rich Schilling said.

There currently is no lobby, he said.  

"You walk in, it's a living room," he said. "It's the old living room." 

At its Aug. 14 meeting, the Bedminster Township Board of Supervisors approved having Phillips & Donovan Architects, LLC, of Bedminster, design the new lobby for $4,500. The work includes confirming the building's existing conditions, as-built plans after the new lobby is done, schematic plans, construction documents and giving an estimate of what the construction will cost, Schilling said.

The police station, which is at a different location, already has a secure lobby, he said. 

The new lobby area at the township offices is expected to include two windows for people coming to the office — one for people coming to the zoning office and the other for people coming to the administration office, he said. 

The cost estimates for the new lobby will be included in next year's budget, Schilling said. 

A grant from the township's insurance company is available to more than cover the design costs, he said. 


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