David Collingwood will be the new West Rockhill Township Board of Supervisors member after defeating longtime incumbent Donald Duvall in this year's elections for a six-year term on the board. 

Unofficial counts on the Bucks County website early on the morning of Nov. 6 showed Collingwood, the Democrat in the race, with 896 votes to Republican Duvall's 688.

Collingwood, a retired Merck Pharmaceutical executive, has been a member of the West Rockhill Conservation Committee for 14 years and is a 16 year member of the West Rockhill Historical Society, according to campaign biographical information. 

In East Rockhill, longtime incumbent Gary Volovnik also faced an election challenge, but came out on top. Unofficial counts showed Democrat Volovnik with 841 votes to Republican Ryan Gottshall's 730. The two were vying for a six-year term on the board. 

In Hilltown Township, Republican Caleb Torrice, who owns and operates Tabora Farms, will be the new Hilltown Township Board of Supervisors member. Unofficial counts showed him with 2,734 votes to Democrat Steve Kendra's 1,739. The two were vying for a six-year term on the board. Ken Bennington, who previously held the seat, did not run for re-election this year.

In Bedminster, incumbent Republican Glenn Wismer had 1,152 votes compared to Democrat Don Bradley's 850 in the race for a six-year seat on the Bedminster Township Board of Supervisors.

The races in the following towns were uncontested.  

In Dublin, where there were three four-year seats on Dublin Borough Council up for election and three candidates on the ballot, Tim Hayes had 280 votes, William Benonis had 226 and Robert Olsen had 216. Hayes is a Democrat. Benonis and Olsen are Republicans. 

In Perkasie, where four incumbent Republicans were unopposed for four-year seats on Perkasie Borough Council, Steven Pizzollo had 492 votes for his first ward seat; Aaron Clark had 411 votes and Jim Purcell 396 for their second ward seats; and Randy Faulkner had 556 votes for his third ward seat. 

In Sellersville, where there were three four-year seats on Sellersville Borough Council and three candidates on the ballot, Marie Howells had 536 votes, James Hull had 503 and Alex Potoczny had 530. Howells and Hull are Democrats. Potoczny is a Republican. 

In Silverdale, three incumbent Republicans were re-elected to four-year seats on Silverdale Borough Council. David Alderfer received 176 votes, Clair Black had 164 and Stanley Krotowski had 158.  


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