At the West Rockhill Township (WRT) Supervisors meeting on August 21, 2019 residents were subjected to a heated discussion about an sign advertising a Holiday House Pool event posted by Mr. Miller, another supervisor.

The chairman Mr. Duvall took it upon himself to take down this one announcement from a multi-announcement capacity display board, leaving only a movie night advertisement. It was a ridiculous waste of residents’ time and upon reflection seemed to represent a petty game of one upsmanship (two if you count Mr. Kayser) and the dereliction of duty on the part of the chairman who should have resolved this behind the scenes with the other supervisors.

The residents of West Rockhill should want ALL of our supervisors to succeed as we are the recipients of those efforts. Mr. Miller oversees the WRT-Sellersville Joint Recreation Authority that operates the Holiday House Pool.

Based on my attendance at supervisors’ meetings and Facebook posts documenting the hours spent on the pool by resident volunteers I believe Mr. Miller has worked hard to increase membership and provide a safe, clean and entertaining environment for residents.

Instead of supporting positive achievements for our residents Mr. Duvall has made it a point to sabotage those efforts and for what – some petty political power game! We have enough petty politics going on in Harrisburg and Washington to make us all sick. We don’t need this pettiness in West Rockhill. Mr. Duvall, do your job and stop the games.

-- Regina Schrameyer, Green Lane

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