My wife and I were at our daughter’s place when I imagined their dog, Brady, unexpectedly bursting into a furious “bark-bark-grrrr-bark-bark-bark-grrrr” at the man on the TV screen. It wasn’t President Trump this time, but was Montgomery County Commissioner Joe Gale.

The Republican official was explaining his recent vote against a county measure to switch to 100 percent wind power for all government buildings. Gale had financial concerns, he said, and besides that the whole thing is nothing but a political stunt by the liberal Democratic majority

“He’s full of hot air,” roared Brady, the adorable yet sardonic dog with whom I “talk” about things like this. And so we did.

Me: What just happened?

Brady: Montgomery County voted 2-1 for a wind energy purchase that will power all of the county’s electrical accounts with emission-free renewable power.  

Me: Sounds good. Tell me more.

Brady: The opponent gave the same non-sensible arguments used repetitively by those who don’t care about where we live.

Me: Arguments minus the truth, right? What did Commissioner Chairperson Valerie Arkoosh say?

Brady: She said, “By switching to wind-generated electricity now and adopting this commitment to sustainable operations, Montgomery County is raising the bar in terms of responding to climate change. We’ve already seen the worldwide impacts of climate change. And now scientists are reporting that up to a million species are facing extinction. We must take action now.”

Me: Will there be other things, too, in this effort?

Brady: The commissioners voted also to transition to 100 percent renewables, such as heating in county-owned buildings, and powering county-owned vehicles, by 2050.

M: I’m impressed. Remember when Montgomery County was run by conservative administrations for many decades and a necessary change like this would never have happened? So tell me more about this new plan.

Brady: Gale said the county should not spend additional taxpayer money “just so the majority commissioners can call themselves ‘green’ by claiming our energy comes from windmills in Texas. This is just one step in a larger plan to use global warming, climate change extreme weather or whatever the trendy term is now as an excuse to spend more tax dollars.”

Me: Huh? No usable energy in that statement.

Brady: Arkoosh and fellow Commissioner Kenneth E. Lawrence Jr. said the wind-generated power will cost the county $24,000 annually, which is just 1.4 percent of the county’s electrical costs. When the county negotiated the current three-year contract for electrical generation, a savings of $700,000 was realized. Said Lawrence: “This will not only benefit our environment, it will benefit our bottom line.”

We must continue to make movements like this one now.

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