To the Editor:

As a mother and a person who cares about all life on earth, I am deeply disturbed by all the damage being done to our children by oil and gas drilling. Even though we in Montgomery County may consider ourselves to be a safe distance from fracking, I’ve learned from a new report that this is not the case and that we are at risk right here. The report, “Face to Face with Oil and Gas,” has just been published by Moms Clean Air Force.

Oil and gas drilling, including fracking, creates smog that can travel hundreds of miles from the wells. Smog irritates the lungs and can trigger asthma attacks. Kids are at special risk since their lungs are still developing. In fact, every summer in this country, more than 750,000 asthma attacks occur in children under 18.

Knowing all this, one would think responsible government would be requiring stronger standards for oil and gas wells. And yet, the Trump Administration is signaling that it intends to weaken or eliminate safeguards that protect our children from this pollution.

Sen. Casey, your record shows that you’ll likely do all you can to fight that these standards not be dismantled. I thank you.

Sen. Toomey, how about you? Isn’t it time you valued our beloved children over industry?

— Elizabeth Killough, Glenside

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