Among the items donated to the recent Temple Sinai Sisterhood Rummage Sale was a high school medal inscribed with the words, "First Prize High Jump 1912 Clarence H. Faith."

Sisterhood President Karen Petkun explained that after some investigation, sale organizers discovered that it was from Newton High School, Newtonville, MA (near Boston). They contacted the athletic department who was happy to have the medal back for display in their trophy case.

"We are thrilled that this item has found an appropriate home," Petkun said. "We also searched the internet and found the 1912 yearbook entry for High Jump winner Clarence Faith, born in 1894, who later served in WWI and WWII, became an army colonial, and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

"One mystery remains," she added. "Who donated this item to our rummage sale and how did it travel through the years and end up here?"

Anyone with information is asked to email

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