100 Years Ago

LONG WALK FOR SMALL BOY >> Walking from Philadelphia to Quakertown, 41 miles, 11-year-old Francis Z. Wier, of No. 1604 Willington street, Philadelphia, was taken into custody as a runaway by Police Chief Rhodes, Monday, and returned to his home. The lad, it is said, was employed at the Oxford street market house and made a small collection for his employer, when he decided to make a trip to the country with the funds.

SAUER-KRAUT RENAMED INTO PATRIOTIC DISH >> Sauer-kraut is no more in Pittsburgh. The local food administration, believing that the German name has resulted in many patriotic persons refusing to partake of it, has decided to adopt an American name for the companion of frankfurters and has, accordingly, christened it “pickled cabbage.”

BOY TRIED TO KILL HIS MOTHER >> Clarence Bauer, aged 12, of Lansdale, was taken to the House of Detention, Norristown, Monday morning, by Special Officer John Stevenson, after the youth made a confession that he had attacked his mother, Mrs. Salina Bauer, with the purpose of killing her for trying to compel him to go to school.

According to the signed statement of the youth, made before ‘Squire Rosenberger, of Lansdale, in the presence of several witnesses, Clarence hurled a brick at the mother, and when it failed to kill her and he was unable to secure another missile, he started in search for a gun ... According to the statement, signed by Clarence, he failed, recently in shooting his mother only because in his anger at the mother he was unable to properly handle the weapon he had then secured.

TELFORD >> Jacob B. Kratz’s house has been wired for electric lights ... Charles F. Price, Jr., participated in an auto accident, near the Brick Tavern, on Sunday evening, which resulted in a broken top and a general smash-up of the lower part of the car. The machine was brought to the Buick Garage for repairs, on Monday.

HARLEYSVILLE >> Wilson Alderfer purchased a Dodge roadster ... Enos D. Godshall, of this township, had an artesian well dug to the depth of 85 feet. Ten feet of the distance drilled was through a vein of coal and the last three feet through a solid vein of glass.

50 Years Ago

storck in bucks prison following wed. hearing >> Storck is accused of killing, with a .22 caliber weapon, John Brickajlik, 72, his wife, Mary, 71, and their 11-year-old grandson, William Brickajlik, Jr., during the course of burglary and robbery, and of taking $6,000 belonging to John Brickajlik, from the kitchen of the home.

The suspect was arrested aboard a boat in Honolulu on Feb. 29 by FBI and local police, soon after he had been listed as one of the FBI’s “Ten Most Wanted Fugitives.”

COUNTY OPPORTUNITY BOARD ISSUES 2-YEAR REPORT >> Elimination of poverty for the 50,000 poor people of Montgomery County has been substantially begun according to a two-year progress report issued by the Opportunity Board of Montgomery County, through its president, Howard J. Grossman.

LIONS SEE SLIDES ON FAR EAST TRIP >> The Souderton Lions Club were shown slides taken of a trip to the Orient, by Elizabeth Fisher and Carol Weinert, Souderton Area High School teachers, on Tuesday night at the American Legion Home.

This trip was taken before hostilities reached the point of today and the teachers were fortunate in getting pictures of places no longer existing as they traveled in the east in 1963.

ANNUAL COMMUNITY GOOD FRIDAY SERVICE TOMORROW >> This service is being held from 1 until 2:30 o’clock with the hope that many in the community will find it possible to attend during those hours.

TELFORD AGENCY TO LOAN CAR FOR DRIVER PROGRAM >> Herbert W. Kuhn, Sr., of H. W. Kuhn, Inc., Telford auto agency, announced this week the firm will loan three new cars to the Souderton Area School District, for use in its Driver Education Program.

This is the 18th year the firm has supported the program through the loan of its cars.

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