100 Years Ago

SUNDAY MOVIES AND BASEBALL LEGALIZED IN NEW YORK STATE — Under the two bills base ball games may be played and moving pictures exhibited on Sunday, providing that consent is given by the local governing body. The bills were fought by the Lord's Day Alliance and other religious organizations, but were supported by the State Federation of Labor and numerous business and political bodies.

BOY SCOUTS NOW ORGANIZED — That Souderton now is to have and does have an organization of Boy Scouts of America is at last a reality ... This movement is not an experiment, it has been tried and found to be the best organization for boys in the world today. It aims to help boys to do things for themselves and others; it teaches the boy valuable things that fit him to act the part of a man even while still a boy; it develops the power of initiative and resourcefulness; it makes him self-reliant, courageous and manly.

TELFORD — 'Squire H. Z. Wampole traded his Buick runabout on a seven-passenger Oldsmobile with the H. W. Kuhn garage ... Levi Mann embarked in the bee culture in the woods back of the Reformed church. He has already about 15 colonies in his apiary. 

HIGH SCHOOL NOTES — While pole-vaulting on the school grounds, Theodore Keller, 22, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey A. Keller, broke his forearm in two places ... Thursday, April 17th, was clean-up day. From 3 to 4 o'clock all playgrounds received their annual cleaning. A feature of the afternoon's work was the entire removal of the winter's accumulation of ashes by the boys of Grades Four to Six. 

80 KILLED IN 108 DAYS, CHICAGO CRIME RECORD — In addition, 202 stores had been robbed, 94 saloons held up and looted, and three ticket sellers in elevated railway stations forced to surrender their cash. Three major causes were given by the Chief for the reign of lawlessness: Discharge of criminals from the army, unemployment, too few policemen. 

50 Years Ago

H. W. KUHN, SR., TELFORD AUTO DEALER, DIES — He was president of H. W. Kuhn, Inc., Buick and Oldsmobile Automobile Agency, one of the oldest continuous Buick dealers in America. Kuhn opened the business in 1915 as a Buick dealer and was at the same location, 132 Penn ave., Telford, 54 years. 

POLICE, GO PATROL COPTER RUSH SPECIAL VACCINE TO HATFIELD YOUTH — According to Hatfield Township police a township boy, who police declined to identify at the request of his parents, had just received a smallpox vaccination when it became known that other children in the family had just come down with chicken pox.

Upon learning of the chicken pox in the family the doctor prescribed the serum as an antidote to a possible reaction to the small pox vaccination. 

Township police said the father of the boy first came to the township police station at 3:45 Wednesday and asked for assistance in getting the serum from New York. Arrangements were made to fly the serum to International Airport where it arrived at 5:15.

It was picked up by an Atlantic "Go Patrol" helicopter there and flown to Pennfield Junior High School where township police took over and drove it to a Lansdale doctor's office, where the boy was waiting, arriving at 5:57 p.m. 

APARTMENT FIRE CAUSES $14,000 DAMAGES; CLOTHES, FURNISHINGS LOST — Forty-four firemen with five trucks battled the blaze an hour before they contained it, Stoudt said. 

Damage to the two-story brick building was estimated at $14,000. No damage figures were available for contents, though Chief Stoudt said everything in the two upstairs apartments was lost. He said contents of the lower apartments suffered water damage. 

HILLTOWN TO REZONE STRETCH OF 113 — Hilltown Township supervisors announced on Saturday plans to rezone the south side of Route 113 between Route 309 and County Line Road. The area, now zoned residential, will be rezoned to neighborhood commercial.

ON TRIP — Virginia Wallace, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Wallace, Telford RD 1, left by plane Monday for a three-week trip to Ireland. Miss Wallace, a 1966 graduate of Souderton Area High School, is taking a leave of absence from Richard L. Renner Advertising, North Wales, where she is employed, to visit Becky (Glenn) Mahan, formerly of Souderton. 

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