100 Years Ago

WOMAN SUFFRAGE WINS IN SENATE — The proposed amendment, adopted by the House by a vote of 304 to 89, May 21st as the first act of the new Congress, now goes to the States, ratification by Legislatures of three-fourths of which is required for its incorporation in the Federal Constitution. 

TOWN TOPICS — The locusts are here. They have emerged from the earth after 17 years of development, and any small grove is now full of their music. The sounds made by these insects is peculiar, very loud, and closely resembles the humming of a resonant telegraph pole when its wires are vibrating in a strong breeze.

TELFORD — Telford Borough Council has just had a cover of crushed stones put on Main street, from Fairmount avenue to the railroad, besides a cover of oil on each side and this will make a fine street without any dust.

PERKASIE — On Monday, June 23rd, about 700 Chinese from Philadelphia will picnic at Menlo Park. It is about 10 years since they visited Menlo last.

JUNE SESSIONS OF CRIMINAL COURT — The latest chapter in the domestic difficulties of Daniel W. Krause, of Sumneytown, and his wife was the settlement affected in the assault and battery case brought by the wife against the 62-year-old husband. Mrs. Krause created some amusement in the Domestic Relations Court some weeks ago, when she said that Daniel had bought her one calico dress in 40 years of wedded life. The connubial bliss that accompanies wedlock was absent from this union a year after the marriage, she stated, at the first Court hearing. 

The assault charge was withdrawn and Daniel is to contribute $4 per week to the maintenance of the spouse, with additional "chicken" privileges, although the wife is to retain ownership of the chickens. They will live in the same house, but not together, according to the agreement. 

50 Years Ago 

SOUDERTON CLASS OF '69 IS LARGEST IN SCHOOL HISTORY — One hundred forty-eight girls and 156 boys received their high school diplomas and commenced a new stage in their career ... Fifty percent of the class plan to follow some type of formal training beyond high school.

NATIONWIDE WINS BUCKS TOURNEY; HOTEL SECOND; LANDIS IS MVP — Dave Landis led his mates to victory both with his pitching and with his hitting as he nailed down the tourney's Most Valuable Player award ... Bob Wellington pitched both wins for Souderton, his 3rd and 4th of the tourney, and later he was honored as the "Most Valuable Pitcher" for the affair. 

HILLTOWN AMENDS ORDINANCE TO RESTRICT NEW GUN CLUBS — In the discussion preceding passage, supervisor Paul Frankenfield called a protected rifle range the safest place to shoot and said it was more important to protect people from those who walk around fields with a gun and shoot at anything. 

Chairman Elmer Hockman agreed and added that he felt the area was becoming more congested and that regulation was needed. At the same time, he said he did not want to take away from the farmer the right to control crop destroyers like pheasants and groundhogs. 

FIRE CO. AUXILIARY DISCUSSES NEW BANQUET FACILITIES — President Mrs. Paul Stoudt presented plans for Old Fashioned Days, June 26, 27, 28, when the auxiliary will serve barbecues, hamburgers, hot dogs, vegetable soup, sodas and coffee in the banquet room of the Main st. fire house.

LOCAL CHURCHES SEND DELEGATES TO GRAHAM CRUSADE — A total of almost 200 people, as special delegates from this area, will attend the Billy Graham Crusade in the new Madison Square Garden, from June 13 to 22.  


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