100 Years Ago

GERMAN LANGUAGE SHOULD BE TAUGHT GOVERNOR ASSERTS — The executive swung the veto ax on the Davis bill, which would prohibit the teaching of the German language in the public and the normal schools ... "Whatever may be our feelings toward our national enemies in Europe, now happily vanquished by our noble allies and ourselves, no good could be served by forbidding our young men and women the advantage of acquiring a familiarity with the German language." 

BUCKS COUNTY — With only 14 prisoners in Doylestown jail, the Sheriff of Bucks thinks of advertising for boarders ... Henry Weber, an unnaturalized resident of Rockhill township, was lodged in jail at Doylestown upon refusing to pay a fine and costs after being found guilty of having a dog ... The Quakertown Ministerial Association, representing several thousand church members in Upper Bucks county, voiced their protest against the stopping of the Victory Liberty Loan war train, which was scheduled to stop at Quakertown, last Sunday, from 7.05 to 8.35 o'clock.

TOWN TOPICS — Monday night, a trolley car started to run in the car barn without a motorman. It bumped into a freight car and the latter pushed the brick wall out. Nobody was hurt ... Architect Jerome S. Landes is now preparing the plans and specifications for the block of 12 houses which will be erected on the plot of ground, recently owned by John D. Moyer, Cashier of the Union National Bank, on the south side of Diamond street. Seven prospective purchasers have been secured already. If Souderton at any time needed houses it is now, and we urge our people to build.

RED CROSS NURSE SEES WAR IN FUTURE — Miss Anna Dean Murphy has returned to her home, Centre Square, Montgomery county, after nearly two years' service as a Red Cross nurse in France ... Miss Murphy states that frequently the hospital handled 1,000 operations a month, and the nurses at times work as high as 15 hours a day ... "There is a lot of talk about an enduring peace, and the League of Nations," she said, "but from my experience I am convinced that so long as human beings in the world are of various stages of intelligence there will be wars, because I am firmly convinced that man was made to fight." 

IT TAKES TIME, GIRLS — The question of whether corsets are underwear is not one to be decided hastily, it was said at the Bureau of Internal Revenue ... Retail merchants throughout the country who cater to women have been advised through their national organization to collect the new luxury tax on corsets costing more than $5 until it can be determined whether corsets are a luxury or necessity.

50 Years Ago 

SOUDERTON TO EXPAND POLICE DEPT., WILL BRING FORCE TO 5 FULL-TIME — The move was taken following a discussion of the many duties performed by the police which take them away from actual law enforcement, including mounting paper work and an increase in the days spent in court on various cases ... The new full-time man is expected to cut down some of the part-time hours, and some of the overtime now being required of the regulars. 

WOMAN TO OBSERVE 96TH BIRTHDAY ON MOTHER'S DAY — She is Mrs. Anna Delp, of 423 Wile ave. Joining her for the observance will be most of her eight surviving children, along with a number of her 22 grandchildren, 36 great grandchildren, and seven great-great grandchildren. 

FIRE CHIEF'S SON, 4, REPORTS FIRST FIRE — Seventeen men with three trucks used dry powder to put out the fire which began at 2:20 p.m., apparently from the oil burner which was being cleaned ... The fire was first noticed by Jeffrey Stoudt, four-year-old son of Souderton Fire Chief Paul Stoudt. Jeffrey pointed out smoke coming from the chimney to his mother who notified her husband. 

INDIANS HOLD 2-1 LOG AFTER DRUBBING WISSAHICKON, 7-0 — The story of the win was Rick Ball's two-hit pitching that stymied the Trojans, along with the eight-hit attack which netted seven runs for Souderton ... John Moyer led the Souderton hitting attack with four RBI's on two hits.

FRANCONIA, SUMMIT STUDENTS PRESENT SPRING CONCERT — Maurice Foulke directed the band in the following selections: "Salute to America," "We're In the Band" featuring the Fourth Grades Symphonets, "Six Episodes," "Alpine Village," "March of the Misselman" featuring a trumpet trio composed of Mark Allem, Martin Moyer and Timothy Ziegler. The band closed their program with the playing of "American Patrol." 


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