100 Years Ago 

13-YEAR-OLD GIRL CHARGED WITH THEFT — Now it is learned that the little Cressman youngster evolved a far more clever scheme several months ago which netted her $25, the allegations being as follows: She secured a blank promissory note from the Souderton Bank and then took it to Benjamin Alderfer, a Notary Public, of Souderton, telling him that her father desired to make out the note but was not clear on how it should be done. Mr. Alderfer drafted the note in proper form, even signing the name of Henry Gehman, a prominent citizen of Souderton, who the child said was the endorser. She told Mr. Alderfer her father would make out the note after the form and that Mr. Gehman would endorse it.

With the same note that Mr. Alderfer had made out, she went to the Bank and was paid the amount of the note — $25. She bought a gold watch and a ring at H. S. Kratz's jewelry store with the money. The matter was soon discovered with the result that Mr. Cressman, the child's father, made good the $25, and the watch and ring were returned.

TELFORD — H. C. Hetrick, Esq., received a very handsome present from the U.S. Treasury Department for his patriotic services as Chairman of the Liberty Loan campaigns. The medal is made from parts of captured cannon which were taken from the Germans. 

BASE BALL NEWS — With Stauffer pitching excellent ball and his team mates giving him perfect support Souderton had no trouble defeating Ambler, last year's champions, by the score of 8 to 0. Pete Leibert lasted only three innings and in that time Souderton scored enough runs to win and secured such a lead that all fight was taken out of the visitors. 

TOWN TOPICS — Albert Oles, a young man who has been making his home with Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Landis, North Main street, was last Saturday taken to the State Asylum at Norristown. For some time he has been acting queerly and it seemed best to take him to the institution for treatment. 

A SANE FOURTH — Where sentiment favors a noisy Fourth of July, we would suggest the substitution of a community display under municipal control. The indiscriminate sale and use of fireworks bodes no good.

50 Years Ago

TELFORD VFW BURGLARS GET OVER $2,350 — "Over $1,550 in cash and between $800 and $900 in liquor were taken by burglars who entered the Telford VFW Post Home early Sunday, according to police and Post officials' estimates.

Telford Police Chief Charles Miller said the safe was broken open, and entry was also made into a juke box, cigarette machine, and a shuffle alley game. He said funds were also removed from about a dozen collection cans placed for poppy donations. 

About 164 bottles of liquor and an undetermined number of cigarettes also were removed. 

DRIVERLESS CAR TRAVELS TWO BLOCKS, STOPS AT POLE — A driverless car took a short ride Wednesday afternoon in Souderton, traveling from its parking place on E. Broad st., near Second, down Broad st., across the railroad tracks, and coming to a stop against a telephone pole in front of Union National Bank's main office. 

GRAND VIEW LAWN FETE OFFERS FIVE MUSICAL ORGANIZATIONS — This Saturday night the Lawn Fete off-campus activity concludes with the staging of the Block Party at the Plaza Shopping Center from 8 to 11 p.m. George Michael, Philadelphia disc jockey, will preside from 8 to 11 p.m. 

BACCALAUREATE SERVICES SUNDAY FOR SHS SENIORS — All the ministers participating in the service are fathers of graduates. 

MOVING FIRM TO EQUIP TRUCKS WITH TWO WAY RADIOS — "The driver will be able to contact each of his customers and advise them what time of day they can expect him to be there." 


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