100 Years Ago 

WARREN ROYER ANOTHER VICTIM — "Deeply regret to inform you that Sergeant Warren Royer, Infantry, is officially reported killed in action September 28th."

The foregoing sad news was received by the parents, William and Hannah (Neff) Royer, No. 45 Penn avenue, Souderton, early Monday evening.

The young man paid the extreme sacrifice in fighting the Hun and died a hero for his country. Particulars are awaited.

TOWN TOPICS — Samuel D. Gehman, South Front street, recently loaned out a wedge, and would be glad for its return ... A party of 14 young people last Sunday morning hiked to Line Lexington and North Wales. At the former place they took dinner ... The Red Cross work room in the school building will be open on Tuesday night and all day on Wednesday for the purpose of handing out cartons and giving instructions for sending Christmas presents to the soldiers.

MRS. JOSEPH L. FREED AND DAUGHTER — Susan, wife of Joseph L. Freed, the harness maker, residing about two miles west of Souderton, died yesterday (Thursday) morning, after a lingering illness of tuberculosis. Aged, 40 years.

Erma, the 16-month-old daughter, died of the same disease Wednesday evening.

BIG FIRE SWEEPS VILLAGE OF WEST POINT — The fire started when an automobile belonging to John Henry in the garage of Mr. Stetler backfired. Immediately the machine was in flames and the burning gasoline set fire to the building and in a few minutes communicated to a lumber shed adjoining. The fire spread rapidly from pile to pile of lumber and through the sheds until the whole place was a roaring furnace. The planing mill soon caught fire and then the big feed mill and the frame house adjoining the planing mill. 

TELFORD — Claude Butterwick, a U.S. Marine, stationed at Cape May, was home over Tuesday night. He had orders to board ship, and be ready at any time. The destination of the ship was not made known. 

50 Years Ago

LOCAL BUSINESSMAN ROBBED OF $50 — According to information received by the Independent, Elvin B. Souder, proprietor of the Souder Store, Main and Summit sts., was accosted after he had closed the store and driven home.

Souderton police are not releasing information on the incident, but the Independent learned that Mr. Souder, who is in his early 80's, was approached by a man, reportedly wielding a pistol, as he was about to enter his home. The incident occurred at about 6:30 p.m. 

THREE GET $50 IN ROBBERY AT EARL BOWL — One of the bandits, carrying a pistol, ordered Larry Landis, cashier at the lanes, to empty the cash drawer, Landis told police. Landis and an attendant, Donald Bickel, were directed to lie down on the floor as the bandit took the money from the drawer and ran from the building with two accomplices, according to Landis's report to officers. 

TELFORD FIRM AWARDED CONTRACT FOR APOLLO DEVICE — Merrill Y. Landis & Co., 137 S. Third st., Telford, was recently awarded a contract for a net to be used in connection with the manned Apollo VIII space flight scheduled for some time in December and destined to circumvent the moon. 

The net will be used as a protective device during the count-down procedures to ready the space craft. While the rocket is on the launching pad the people working on the one-man capsule may drop tools and debris into the main capsule. The object of the net is to catch the equipment before it hits the main capsule.

ABINGTON ENDS 7-YEAR, 46-GAME WIN STREAK FOR SOUDERTON MIDGETS — 27-7 - Those were the final scores of both the 95 and 115 lb. Midget Football team's games with Abington on Sunday afternoon.

There was a difference though — the Souderton Pee-Wees won their game 27-7, but the Midgets saw a 7-year, 46-game winning streak end. 

HARLEYSVILLE NOTES — Mrs. Grace Miller, Groffs Mill road, gave a Halloween Party & Doggie roast for her piano & organ students on Friday evening ... Russell Harper, Maple ave., was entertained at a surprise birthday dinner given him by the family on Sunday.  

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