SOUDERTON >> Three teams in the sixth grade at the Souderton Charter School Collaborative were named in the top 50 national finalists in Innovative STEM Competition for students in grades six to eight.

The second annual Bright Schools Competition is a collaborative effort of the National Sleep Foundation and the National Science Teachers Association that encourages students in grades six to eight to explore the correlation between light and sleep and how it influences student health and performance.

The Sleepy Side proposed a research study to determine whether changing the lights on electronic devices to red or orange colors using apps will impact melatonin release and allow for a more restful sleep.

The Clue Crew proposed a solution to the problem through the use of an awareness campaign that if people played board games in the evening instead of using electronics, they would not only get better quality sleep but also spend more time engaging their brains and interacting with one another.

The APE Device team designed a research proposal to investigate how light from cellphones affect sleep. They discovered that teens are more likely to lose hours of sleep because of cellphone use immediately before bed and throughout the night. In response, the team created an awareness campaign to spread the word via Instagram.

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