Franconia Citizens Police Academy

Submitted photo — Franconia Township Police Department 

Franconia Township Police officers and members of the 2019 Citizens Police Academy pose for a group photograph before the May 20 township meeting at which the class members received certificates for having completed the CPA.

FRANCONIA — During the eight Wednesday nights the Citizens Police Academy was held, the 15 participants covered a lot of police activities including taking part in mock car stops and processing a crime scene, Franconia Police Chief Michael Martin said at the May 20 Franconia Township Board of Supervisors meeting.

"They heard about Internet crimes," he said. "They heard about human trafficking." 

The classes also included a fire company demonstration, the county bomb squad and police dog squads, he said. 

"We had someone from the district attorney's office come in and talk about the court processes," he said. 

"They got a really good taste of what law enforcement and emergency services have to offer here in Franconia," Martin said, "and we're really proud that we were able to partner with them and to be able to recognize them tonight."

Several of the students were present at the meeting to receive their certificates for completing the classes.

That wasn't the only certification received, though.

"Additionally, they're certified in first aid/CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and the use of the AED, the automated external defibrillators, so we now have 15 more people who can go out there and save lives," Martin said. 

That training certificate was from the Red Cross, he said. 

"You always hear about the bad stuff in the press," board Chairman Godshall said. "Rarely do you hear about the good stuff and this is the opportunity to do the good stuff."

He thanked the officers involved and the residents who took part in the CPA. 

"Nothing makes the relationship better than knowledge," Godshall said.  

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