LOWER SALFORD >> It’s a green light for the planned traffic light at the five points intersection in Lederach.

A portion of Old Skippack Pike will become one way in the direction away from the intersection, but the earlier proposal to also make part of Morris Road one way has been dropped, Lower Salford Township Board of Supervisors Chairman Doug Gifford said at the board’s April 4 meeting.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation originally recommended that both Morris Road and Old Skippack Pike be made one way away from the intersection, but residents and township officials said it made more sense to allow Morris Road to continue to be two way.

Keeping it two way would add to the traffic backup on Route 113 at the traffic light, PennDOT representatives said in March, but agreed to review the suggestion.

“We got the numbers back from PennDOT,” Gifford said at the April 4 meeting. “Keeping that two way will add about 130 feet of backup, which amounts to about five cars, so for the sake of five cars every day during rush hour, I think it makes sense to keep it two way.”

The traffic light at the intersection of Route 113, Cross Road, Salfordville Road, Morris Road and Old Skippack Pike was initially proposed because that portion of Route 113 will be part of the truck detour for bridge replacements next year on Route 63 in Upper Salford Township, but there is enough traffic through the intersection to warrant a traffic light even if the detour was not planned, officials have previously said.

The traffic light will be a permanent one; it will not be removed after the detour ends, Gifford said.

“By doing this, PennDOT’s gonna foot the bill for the traffic light and the improvements to the intersection,” he said, estimating the cost at about $300,000.

“I’ve gotta really question how you turn it down,” he said, adding that is especially true when you look at the number of accidents that have happened at the intersection without a traffic light.

The one way portion of Old Skippack Pike will be about 125 feet long, Stephanie Butler, the township’s traffic engineer, said.

In other matters at the April 4 meeting:

• Gifford noted that the meeting date was the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

King fought for the civil rights of everyone, he said.

“He also did it in a non-violent manner, which I always was impressed with growing up,” Gifford said. “Ironically, he died at the hand of someone committing the ultimate act of violence, but I think it’s worthwhile remembering what he did, where we were then. We’ve moved somewhat farther towards the correct place in life, but I think we should always remember the champion of civil rights for all he did for everyone.”

• Harleysville Volunteer Fire Company Chief Kevin Wasson said the fire company had 47 calls during the month of March, 16 of which came in a 12 hour period during the March 2 snowstorm.

“We put in almost 20 hours of service that day,” Wasson said.

• Preliminary/final approval was given for Indian Valley Faith Fellowship’s plans for an addition to the church at Maple Avenue and Gruber Road. The addition will include a gymnasium and Sunday School and daycare classrooms.

The plans also include shared trails and parking between the church and the adjacent Harleysville Community Center, Cliff Stout, of S.T.A. Engineering, said.

“They have given each other permission to use each other’s trails,” he said.

• Preliminary/final approval was given for Amplifier Research on Schoolhouse Road to expand its parking lot.

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