In Telford Borough, police officers will be cracking down on cars parked on the sidewalks. At the July 1 meeting, council members unanimously passed an ordinance prohibiting motor vehicles from parking on unapproved surfaces, not designed to support motor vehicles. Cars are parking on the sidewalks along Main Street and West Broad Street.

According to borough Solicitor James Jacquette, violators will first be given warnings and then be ticketed.

The ordinance also prohibits recreation equipment in the right of way in borough streets and sidewalks. There has been issues with basketball and hockey nets in the streets, which causes safety concerns.

At the July 1 meeting, Public Works Director Gary Yoder informed council members that Telford’s Public Works Department received an award from the Montgomery County Transportation Management Association. The community award was given to Telford, for its partnership with the free bikeshare program.

This program allows community members to borrow a bike from the Indian Valley Public Library, by showing their license, and then returning it to the same location. Other locations participating in this program include Upper Perkiomen YMCA, Horsham Township Library, Montgomery County Public Library, Peter Becker Community, Lansdale Public Library, Lansdale YMCA, and North Wales Borough Hall.

Yoder said that the public works department is in charge of storing the bikes during the off season.

In other business, a resident of Grundy Manor discussed parking issues on Washington Avenue. She suggested drawing lines for parking spaces so residents can have a spot to park, because of the limited parking.

“Lots of people at Grundy don’t know how to drive, and are taking up a space and a half,” she said. “I’m trying to look for a space, and if they back up a little, then I could get in.”

She explained that over the past few years, more residents are driving, making it difficult to find parking spots close to the building.

The issue will be discussed at the next public safety meeting.

As part of a Community Development Block Grant from Montgomery County, Telford will be installing and/or repairing 40 handicapped accessible ramps. The $200,000 grant does not include engineering fees for the project.

Council members awarded the $168,520 contract to Ettore Ventresca and Sons. The project is expected to be completed sometime this fall.

The Telford Night Market has been a success. According to council member John Taylor, this year’s market attracts about 50 vendors. The Night Market is held from 5 to 9 p.m., the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month through October at the Telford Train Station. T

The next council meeting will be Aug. 5.

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