Morwood sewer extension start

Work has begun for an extension of the public sewer lines into the Morwood section of Franconia Township. Pictured are, from left, Brenda Conallen, Harvey Lee, JoAnne Strom, Norm Hartzell (all residents who will be receiving public sewer); Franconia Sewer Authority Chairman Rob Davies; Mitchell Brown, construction inspector; FSA Business Manager Stacey Singrella; FSA Engineer Fred Ciottoni; and FSA Executive Director George Witmayer. 

Photo submitted by Franconia Sewer Authority 

FRANCONIA — Work to begin installing public sewer systems in the Morwood area started Monday, July 22, Franconia Sewer Authority said in a release.

Planning for the extension goes back a number of years, with drawings on file dating back to 1971, the release said. 

Roughly 210 properties are being connected to the sewer system as part of the work, George Witmayer, FSA's executive director, said in a phone interview. The estimated average total costs for affected property owners is $35,000 to $36,000, he said. Low-interest state loans are available for property owners, it was announced earlier this year. 

"Before public sewer can be extended into an area, an extensive review must be done to determine if there is actually a need. Municipalities are required to review potential public sewer needs — called Act 537 Planning — every ten years. The area of the Township in the Branch and Indian Creek watersheds was reviewed about five years ago and a determination was made that public sewer may be needed in the Morwood area, as well as Rittenhouse Place and an unsewered section of Allentown Road near the Township building," the release said. 

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection was actively involved in reviewing the plans and had to agree the sewer line extension was needed, the release said. 

"The new sewer main will be constructed in the following order: Morwood Road between Fell and Hunsicker; Hunsicker between Morwood and Creamery; Creamery to Allentown Road; Keller Creamery between Morwood and Hunsicker; Ridgeview; Hunsicker between Morwood and Crestwood; then Landis Road. Then work will move to Rittenhouse Place and then Allentown Road," the release said. "It is estimated that construction will take seven months to complete." 

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