To the Editor:

Thank you for posting Lowman Henry’s commentary “Fighting back against the Left” (Oct. 14). Finally, someone is speaking the truth!

The left-wing Democrats are destroying the Democratic party with their suggestions to harass people for supporting the current president and outrageous lies against people who don’t agree with them. When did it become OK for adults to cry, lie and bully people when they don’t get their way?

It seems many people in the media ignore the positive actions of President Trump and support those who are making up unsubstantiated claims and calling for violence. Thank you for having the guts to print the views shared by those of us who are appalled by the actions of many on the left, which contradict their claim to be a party that stands for peace, love and understanding.

I’m waiting for the Kennedy Democrats to take back control of the party.

— Susan Rosato, Harleysville

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