Steve McCarter

Steve McCarter

Democratic state Rep. Steve McCarter easily won a fourth term for the 154th District House seat Nov. 6, garnering 81.44 percent of the vote.

McCarter came out ahead with 26,312 votes to 5,986 for his opponent, Republican Kathleen Garry Bowers, according to the unofficial election results on the Montgomery County website.

The 154th District includes Cheltenham, Jenkintown, Springfield and a part of Philadelphia’s 35th Ward.

“I’m very honored to have the chance to represent, again, the people in my district,” the 71-year-old Cheltenham resident said the morning after the election. “It [the landslide victory] was very gratifying indeed.”

Legislation regarding education, taxation and the environment are among those he anticipates being re-introduced in the coming term, he said.

Noting Democrats picked up 11 seats in the House, with a possible 12th from a race still undecided Wednesday morning, McCarter said, “The hope is we will find common ground with Republicans,” who hold the majority in the House, “to start moving things forward.”

“We might be able to negotiate better with Republicans on property tax reform for seniors — I’m hoping,” he said.

“It will be a difficult budget year, but we will possibly look at taxation through a new lens, particularly for those who need it most.”

Reacting to her loss, Bowers, who ran on a non-traditional platform, said Wednesday, “I went in knowing my chances were very limited based on the voter registration in the area. I did not want to see anyone unopposed.

“I feel people were voting against our president,” she said. “I knew where I was being a Republican, especially in the political climate right now.”

Bowers, who had said her main focus was a need for domestic relations and judicial reform in the family court system, said she hopes she will be able to work with a state legislator to make changes on issues that are nonpartisan and “affect everybody.”

Though she does not anticipate voter registration to change in the 154th, Bowers said, “You may see me again in two years,” depending on what the future brings.

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