To the Editor:

I attended the Springfield Township Planning Commission meeting March 19. The discussion on changing the township code to allow multi-family dwellings in the AA and A districts is a topic that all 6,000 homeowners need to know about before it is voted on by the commissioners.

There were many concerns by the audience. I am asking that the any decisions be shelved until the community is fully aware of what is being proposed.

I previously asked for all the minutes from 2016 to current be added to the planning commission’s website for the sake of transparency. The planning board frowned on it, stating there are no funds for the task to be completed. So those minutes are nowhere for easy access for the taxpayers. There is no audio either. Taxpayers must have access to the minutes after approved by the board.

I attended many planning commission meetings, and back in 2015 and before, there was full transparency. Everyone voicing their opinions at the board meetings was documented in the minutes. What happened?

We have many new land developments happening, and there is no documentation on the Springfield Township Planning Commission website. I have contacted board of commissioners President Jeff Harbison for answers.

Transparency in Springfield Township should be a priority. The land development requests should be transparent since we have 6,000 homes and it is a bedroom community.

— Joan Parsons, Oreland

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