Caring for trees is important to the environment. 

AMBLER -- This summer the Ambler Environmental Advisory Council will be conducting an inventory of trees focusing on public, park and street trees. The information gathered will help to not only plant more trees but also to continue to monitor and care for existing trees of various age, health and size. This inventory is made possible by the hands-on volunteer efforts of Advisory Council allies, members, tree tenders and residents.

"Whether you are a visitor of Ambler or live here year-round, we all share the benefits of our trees," the Advisory Council inventory announcement stated. "From shade, temperature reduction in the heat of summer, cleaner air from carbon capture, controlling harmful water run-off, increased neighborhood value, cost savings on your energy bill and studies have even shown that trees increase overall positive attitude! Visitors to town will enjoy shopping and restaurant visits more in the shade of trees during the hotter months. Dangerous chemicals from pesticides, litter and road salts in winter time can be kept out of our waters by these same trees. Of all the plants and animals around us trees give back to us most and contribute to both our health and quality of life."

The Council statement noted that trees that go uncared for can prove hazardous. "Rather than removing such a beneficial member of our neighborhood once they become unstable, looking ahead and being aware of the health and needs of our local trees allows us to properly care for them ensuring longer living healthy trees that continue to provide increased quality of life. During this inventory we will not only be able to become acquainted with the needs of our tree neighbors, but also develop plans on where to grow even more trees in spaces that will be most beneficial. Our tree canopy is declining and the best way to combat that is to use this inventory to monitor our tree population. The continued care and planting of new trees will provide a future of healthy tree canopy with a diverse range of tree ages, species and sizes," the Council stated. 

"Every tree you observe and submit to us brings us one tree closer to having an accurate map. In urban areas residential trees are crucial to the overall canopy of the town. Collecting data on your trees is easy, can be done alone or as a fun family activity or even a hands-on learning experience for kids. For more information on how to submit your tree email us or visit our website. Don’t have any trees? That is ok, let us know if you would like one and we can help with that, too!"

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