An Ambler EAC litter cleanup team. 

AMBLER -- Five of Ambler Borough’s parks, playgrounds and the streets that surround them will be the focus of a volunteer clean-up event on Saturday morning, May 8, from 10 a.m. to noon. Borough Park, Ricciardi Park, Knight Park, Jean Thompson Park, and Wahl playground were chosen by Ambler Borough Council and the Ambler EAC.

“Team Up to Clean Up Ambler Borough Parks” is running in conjunction with Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful events. Every volunteer will help make this event successful and rewarding. Pick Up Pennsylvania 2021 is happening throughout the state from March 1- May 31, 2021. Thousands of volunteers in this annual statewide event will take to the streets, parks, and waterways in their townships and towns to collect any unsightly trash that litters Pennsylvania’s environment.

“Ambler is proud of its 9 parks and open spaces where families, friends, youth and visitors can recreate in safe, clean outdoors settings,” said Sara Hertz, Ambler councilperson heading the Parks and Recreation committee. “The coming of warmer weather inspires us to make sure the parks are welcoming and enjoyable places.”

“Cleanup events are a great way to welcome spring while contributing to having a visibly attractive community,” remarked EAC member Nancy-Roecher Coates. “Participating in the 'Team Up to Clean Up' will rejuvenate our minds and bodies while making our corner of the world a little sweeter.”

“Litter brigades will be a part of keeping our parks beautiful and litter free for ourselves as well as for visitors to our small town,” added Liz Rosencranz, co-chair of EAC. A park that is clean and well-maintained benefits not only people, it is also healthier for the local flora and fauna to thrive.

Cleaning up all the parks in one day would be a huge undertaking for one or two individuals yet becomes incredibly easier and more fun to do with teams. Invite your neighbors, or friends and family to pick a park. Volunteers can sign-up on

Please follow local guidance regarding the coronavirus. Wear masks and socially distance. Do not participate if you have been in contact with a known COVID case in the last 10-14 days or you are experiencing a fever or cough. Refrain from picking up sharp objects or hazardous waste.

More information on this event can be found on Facebook on the Ambler EAC page. An Ambler EAC member and a borough council member will be present at each site to provide bags, gloves, and appreciation, and to designate areas for your team to clean up.

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