rock stars

Pictured (L to R): Standing Aidan Coughlin, Max Bleefeld. Seated: Cameron Blumberg, PJ Fratantero, Elias Kilshaw, Maddie Westcott. Front: Lexie Klein, Gabriella Kilshaw

Two Blue Bell girls raised almost $3500 in a benefit concert to aid Variety, the charity for children who live with disability, disadvantage or illness.

Lexie Klein, 12, and Gabriella Kilshaw 11, put together a band of eight young musicians to perform familiar classics.

The 90-minute show was hosted by The School of Rock in Fort Washington, and attracted more than 100 attendees who bought tickets, cookies made by the girls, and merchandise.

At the event, titled “Reach for the Stars,” Lexie Klein spoke about how much she enjoyed her summer camp and wanted to help kids with disabilities to have as much fun as she does each year. Gabby Kilshaw explained that both girls will celebrate their Bat Mitzvahs in the next 12 months, a tradition in the Jewish faith which requires adolescents turning 13 to give back to the community as a part of reaching adulthood.

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