bike donation

Pictured: (from left) Ambler Police Chief Robert Hoffman; Det./Sgt. Chad Cassel; Officer Timothy Ferraro; Admin Sgt. Jeffrey Borkowski; President and CEO of Ambler Savings Bank, Roger Zacharia.

AMBLER – The Ambler Borough Police Department recently accepted a donation of $1,304 from Ambler Savings Bank. The donation was used to replace one of the department’s aging police bicycles.

The Ambler Borough Police Department has two bicycles in their fleet, which are used for community policing efforts, and heavily relied upon during festivals and events in the Borough.

Police Chief Robert Hoffman stated that there are currently six officers, more than half the department, that are certifed to ride the bicycles.

“The Ambler Borough Police Department would like to thank everyone at Ambler Savings Bank for their generous donation of the patrol bicycle. This will allow our officers to effectively patrol during our community events in town and assist regular patrol units during normal operations. The Bike Unit will enhance our community policing by making us more visible and increase officer fitness which are some of the benefits of patrolling on a bicycle,” said Chief Hoffman.

“We appreciate everything the Ambler Police does for the Borough and for Ambler Savings Bank,” said Roger Zacharia, president and CEO of Ambler Savings Bank. “When they requested a donation for the new bike, we wanted to be be able to help them in any way possible.”

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