WHITEMARSH — Fourteen Germantown Academy students participated in the Montgomery County Oral Proficiency Contest sponsored by the Montgomery County Association of Teachers of Foreign Languages at Plymouth Whitemarsh High School Feb. 26.

After a round of individual interviews with the judges, two finalists were chosen in each language at each level. These finalists were then again interviewed before an audience of teachers, parents and students.

Competing against 15 schools, Germantown Academy students won 12 gold and silver medals out of a possible 15.

The following Germantown Academy students won gold medals: Jack Brookman (Level 2 Chinese); Andrew Freas (Advanced Chinese); Grace Good (Level 01 French); Melinda Amorosi (Level 1 French); Jake Grim (Level 3 French); Priya Padhye ’(Advanced French); Anish Sriram (Level 1 Spanish); Justin Weiss (Level 3 Spanish); and Vinit Joshi (Advanced Spanish). 

The following Germantown Academy students won silver medals: Marin Higgins (Level 1 Chinese); Jack Galloway (Level 2 French); and Blythe Berlinger (Level 2 Spanish).

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