AMBLER — A crowd gathered at the Ambler train station the afternoon of May 31 for a rally for women’s reproductive rights hosted by Gov. Tom Wolf.

The rally for reproductive rights featured multiple speakers including Attorney General Josh Shapiro, Rep. Mary Jo Daley, Congresswoman Madeleine Dean, Sen. Maria Collett and others.

The rally comes after several states recently passed or attempted to pass anti-choice legislation.

“Nothing about us without us!” “Women’s rights are human rights!" the crowd chanted at various points during the rally.

Joy Bergey, of Flourtown, was holding a sign that read, “U.S. out of my uterus.” 

“I am horrified with the threats to take back reproductive rights by those who think backwards on this issue,” Bergey said.

Before the rally, Megan Clark, of Hatfield, explained why she decided to attend.

“It (the rally) is incredibly important. Showing up is a huge portion. It’s not good to sit at home on the sidelines,” Clark said.

Daley opened the rally at noon, explaining that women should make the choice about their own bodies.

“A woman’s body is not public property,” Daley said.

Wolf was the next speaker, making it clear that he does not support the recent anti-choice efforts.

“The woman should make the choice. She will bear the consequences of the decision more than anyone. I am proud to stand for that choice,” Wolf said.

Shapiro noted that he plans to put up a solid front against anti-choice legislation efforts.

“You have to come through me. Even if it’s the president of the United States. I will never hesitate as attorney general to protect all reproductive rights,” Shapiro said.

Two women also spoke out about their personal abortion experiences at the rally.

One of those women, Dr. Erica Goldblatt Hyatt, said she had an abortion during her second trimester. She made the decision after finding out her unborn son had a birth defect involving his trachea. The defect could have resulted in his not being able to breathe once born.

“Darby was both living and dying inside of me,” Hyatt said.

Hyatt explained that if she would have chosen to give birth to the child, she would have had to undergo a procedure that would put her at risk for a child who might not have been able to breathe.

“It would have been selfish to have a baby at all costs. Letting go was about parenting," Hyatt said.

Hyatt made a point to state that she supports all choices when it comes to abortion.

“We honor and stand with parents who had different choices and stand with them and are glad they were able to make the choice themselves,” Hyatt said.

Montgomery County Commissioner Ken Lawrence offered a story about a family member who died from illegal abortion many years ago.

“We cannot go backwards,” Lawrence said. “Despite the fact that it’s a decision I will never have to make, if you support women, you have to stand with women."

Abortion opponents were also present at the rally, holding signs that read “REMEMBER the unborn” and "Unborn children are Americans too.”

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