The recent efforts to remove the names of High Schools that honor great American leaders such as Abraham Lincoln reminds me of the Fire Sign Theater records I listened to in college in the 1970s.

Fire Sign Theater spoofed everything with their broadcast-style stories. In “Don’t Crush That Dwarf; Hand me the Plyers” high school student Porgy attended More Science High. His school’s rival was Commie Martyr High. In one scene Commie Martyr stole More Science and stacked it up in boxes so the students of More Science could not graduate.

So, when our leftist government officials and their leftist allies start renaming schools that honor Lincoln, Washington and Jefferson will we sadly be faced with Fidel Castro High School, Che Guevara Middle School and Carl Marx Elementary School? Will our education system be stacked up in boxes and replaced with socialist indoctrination?

Ross Schriftman


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