Lowman Henry ("Could Joe Biden complete a full term," Times-Chronicle,8/8) makes a weak attempt to throw a curve ball in the opening game of the presidential series; but cannot even get the ball to home plate.

Joe Biden's normal weight and his obvious good health is not the problem. Trump's morbidly obese poor health is obvious to all -- a man who waddles between holes of his own golf courses, with the assistance of motorized golf carts and Secret Service agents. Trump's actual health statistics remain as much a mystery as his tax returns. Trump's senior moments, however, have spawned thousands of misstatements (and disastrous mistaken policies) -- and have inspired growing industries of fact-checkers to correct his delusions. The public is ill-served by Lowman Henry's suggestion that Joe Biden's age disqualifies him, when Henry's favored candidate already has so many more age-related deficiencies.

Ben Burrows

Elkins Park

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