The Republican gremlins are busy again finding ways to keep all our citizens from voting. Not content with gerrymandering districts to favor their party, they are now working in over 40 states to limit our access to the polls by eliminating mail-in ballots, absentee ballots, drop boxes, polling places, Sunday voting, early voting, and anything that makes it easier, not harder, for us all to vote.

Forcing people to present state-issued IDs, forcing people to travel farther to vote, forcing people to stand in long lines for hours, changing polls to new locations that are inconvenient or not served by public transportation, sending out incorrect voting instructions and making it a crime to provide food or water to those standing in line for hours -- these are the obscene measures that Republicans are enacting because they know that the broader the electorate, the less chance they have of winning and they can’t accept losing.

Reject this assault on our voting rights. If Republicans want our votes, they need to earn them with good ideas and policies, not voter suppression.

Judy Hughes

Blue Bell

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