I would like to thank journalist Zack Hoopes for drawing attention to PA House Bill 972, the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act (“Midstate lawmakers use language from Idaho law to ban transgender athlethes from women’s sports,” April 6, 2021), but I would like to point out that the title is misleading, as is language in the body of the article.

The Fairness in Women’s Sports Act, introduced by Representative Barb Gleim, does not mention “transgender athletes” at all. It prohibits public schools and public institutions of higher education from allowing male athletes to participate in athletic events designated for women and girls.

Accurate language would go far in clarifying a situation which many journalists apparently find “unclear.” In his article, Zack Hoopes states that PA House Bill 972 would “bar transgender women from competing in women’s sports,” a puzzling turn of phrase that is easily illuminated when one understands that Hoopes has simply chosen to call men who declare a “transgender” identity, “transgender women.” Men who declare a “transgender” identity are, however, not women. They are men, and PA House Bill 972 would give all male athletes a clear ability to participate in sports designated for their own sex.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to shed light on this situation. I urge all readers to contact their state Representatives and ask them to support this important piece of legislation.

Tracye Bennis-Sine


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